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Schär: Best in Gluten Free

Best in Gluten Free

At Schär, we want you to live in each happy moment without restriction. That's why, for decades we've been dedicated to helping people think less about gluten so they can savor more of life's best things.

We're all about the best things in life – enjoying them, celebrating them, and making them. We care about what we put into our products, and guaranteeing exceptional quality and safety. We take complete control over the cultivation and harvesting of our grains by working closely with expert farmers who grow certified gluten free especially for us.

But it's not just about what goes into our delicious products, it's about what doesn't too – we choose not to use any preservative and absolutely no GMOs in any of our products from our breads to our cookies, crackers, pasta and more.

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Schär has been building its gluten free expertise for decades, with connections to the world's best gluten free experts and our own team of specialists in research and development and nutrition services. We work around the clock to bring the best tasting, most flavorful, and nourishing foods to your table so you can lead a healthy balanced diet.

And if you need a little indulgence (it's all about balance after all!) we do have some tasty recipes for you to try.

Have more questions? Email us at or give us a call at 201-355-8740. Our friendly customer service is here to help! Be sure to also check out our website at We look forward to hearing from you!

Visit our site for more details. welcomes your comments below (registration is NOT required).

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Interesting article. I do wonder how she was 'misdiagnosed' though and how she came to the conclusion she wasn't celiac.

Try dropping the oats for while and see if that helps. Some of us, myself included, react to even the ones that are certified as gluten free.

Hey guys, I appreciate the input, you are all very sweet and kind. I do not eat out at all. Only eat food I cook. No alcohol. Only certified gluten-free oats, grains, rice, etc. I have 3 roommates in a little house. I have my own gluten-free section to cook and prepare foo...

What was your gluten free diet like? I wonder if, when you were gluten-free, you went more whole food, less processed food? Or did you continue to eat processed food that was just gluten free? One reason I ask is that I have cut way back on grains and processed foods like gluten-free bread, but o...

Equal parts Hershey Coco Powder and a sweetener with a pinch of salt. Super easy to make your own. I like adding a bit to my coffee with almond milk, and lakanto sugar free maple, or a bit of monk fruit or stevia. PS you might want to drop dairy milk. The enzymes to break it down come from th...