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Published on 09/1/2013

When was the last time you ate food from a box that had only one ingredient, no additives and was organic and non-GMO certified? 

When was the last time you ate food from a box that had only one ingredient, no additives and was organic and non-GMO certified? Or better yet, when have you ever enjoyed a plate of Legumes? But first you may be asking what Legumes are, and that’s a good question. Legumes are known as the magical fruit and they come in various forms such as beans, lentils, peas and garbanzos. And we, at TOLERANT have created a unique “one of a kind” organic, non-GMO product from these incredibly magical powerful Legumes.

Tolerant Foods Each bowl of TOLERANT rotini, penne and mini-fettuccine offer “off-the-charts” nutrition and is a fantastic way to sneak iron, fiber, BIG PROTEIN, vitamins and minerals into your family meal plan.

TOLERANT is not only for those suffering from gluten intolerance. It is a POWERHOUSE meal for the extreme sports enthusiast with 22 grams of protein and whopping grams of fiber per 3 ounce serving and also a super meal plan for those suffering from Heart & Stroke. The list is endless. Diabetics can consume a wonderful bowl or two of our delicious Legume pasta shapes without worrying about blood sugar spikes caused by traditional wheat pasta or rice and the Vegans can enjoy a change up over the old Tofu, Tempeh, and Rice standards.

How does TOLERANT fit into your life? Come and learn more at www.tolerantfoods.com you will be amazed how we at TOLERANT can make a significant difference in your lives.
At TOLERANT, we are crazy about Legumes for all their health benefits. Our rotini, penne and mini-fettuccine are loaded with PROTEIN, essential vitamins, and it’s Gluten-Free! And you know what? It just tastes great!

TOLERANT bringing health and wellness to mankind one (bean) at a time ;)

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