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Pizza Now Number Two Gluten-free Menu Item in U.S. 04/11/2014 - As the gluten-free food industry enjoys steady growth and and rising popularity, more restaurants and food purveyors are looking to offer gluten-free items on their menus, and pizza is right at the heart of those efforts.

Photo: CC--inspector_81According to the report by Food Genius, pizza appears on about 40 percent of all U.S. menus. Among pizza menus, 3 percent offer a gluten-free offering.

Other highlights from the report include the fact that pizza is the second leading gluten-free dish (after salad) across all menus.

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Look for these numbers to rise as the rising popularity of gluten-free food continues to drive the trend toward more gluten-free menu items.

Half of the restaurants that offer pizza do so in the $7 to $12 range. Consumers' expected value of pizza is about $8. Food Genius reports that, on average, independent pizzas are about $2 more than chain pizzas.

There was no word on the average price of gluten-free pizzas. What's your experience? Do you have viable gluten-free pizza and other food options nearby? Share your comments below.

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9 Responses:

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said this on
14 Apr 2014 4:42:00 PM PST
Gluten free pizza around here is quite available. I can think of at least four pizza places that offer it within a radius of about 5 miles. It is also more expensive, but I think I can expect that. It is from 25% to 40% more expensive than its equivalents. Most places it is edible by a celiac (me) or a non-celiac (my wife).

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said this on
14 Apr 2014 4:47:48 PM PST
I have not tried any pizza joint pies for fear of cross contamination either from careless prep services or blow back contamination from the pizza ovens. If anyone has some good feed back, please share it; this article does not address any contamination issues.

Margaret Jones
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said this on
15 Apr 2014 12:44:11 AM PST
I had a gluten free pizza at"Mr. GATTIS" pizza in Pigeon For he TN this weekend. $5 for small, which was plenty for me. Very good.

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said this on
15 Apr 2014 4:05:58 AM PST
Yes! We have a pizza restaurant that has a dedicated wood fired pizza oven and a separate sauce and cheese container for gluten free pizzas. It's delicious but $15. In my area regular pizza is only $10. I splurge once a year and enjoy one just for the fun of it!

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said this on
15 Apr 2014 6:56:42 AM PST
We miss our gluten free pizza place in downtown Durham NC: Mellow Mushroom at 410 Blackwell St. (across from baseball park). Excellent place, also the salads.

Many places in northern VA say they have GF pizza but with the caveat that they cannot guarantee it is contamination free. This is infuriating. Why even bother having a GF pizza if you cannot guarantee is GF !?

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said this on
15 Apr 2014 7:39:14 AM PST
I have noticed more local restaurants offering gluten-free pizza. Cross-contamination would still be the issue for celiac patients like my daughter.

Chris F
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said this on
15 Apr 2014 8:16:37 AM PST
My experience has been that gluten free pizzas are only offered in the smallest size, with the price tag of a large pizza.


said this on
15 Apr 2014 1:09:46 PM PST
My advice for gluten free pizzas is to ask if they are baked in the same oven as other pizzas. This will not work for anyone with celiac disease. I have no problem with the take and bake pizza.

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said this on
15 Apr 2014 4:56:46 PM PST
I would never eat GF pizza out. I am sure they are not aware of how easy it is to cross contaminate. They would need have a sauce for only GF and a pizza cutter only to be used for the GF pizza.

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My daughter dropped from TTG's of 50 to 18 in two months gluten-free. Keep up the good work!

Ok tessa! Point taken and I will remember that too.

People with celiac disease face a higher risk of infections like tuberculosis, influenza, and pneumococcal pneumonia, but researchers don't know how this might apply to risk of Clostridium difficile infection in those patients. A team of researchers recently set out to identify celiac disease pa...

Having had a horrid time with a sore tongue recently, I can pass on a bit of advice from one consultant. It is good to ensure that one's ferritin is up to at least 40 to deal with sore areas in the mouth. Might be worth getting a blood test. Also, B12 is another one to watch.

I would trust the label over what some customer rep said on the phone but consider calling back and talk to a supervisor. I looked up the product and confirmed there was no gluten. I can not imagine gluten being added. The rep might think ?stuffed? is the same as ?stuffing? as in turkey. ? ...