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Scotland to Get UK’s First Gluten-free Brewery 01/27/2015 - Gluten-free beer drinkers rejoice! The first completely dedicated gluten-free brewery in the UK will open in Scotland in 2015.

Photo: CC--Bernt RostadEdinburgh-based Bellfield Brewery was founded by a group of friends, two of whom have celiac disease, and will be dedicated to the creation of naturally gluten-free beers.

Even though there are a number of naturally gluten-free, and some gluten-removed beers, already on the market, the news will doubtless put smiles on the faces of beer-loving celiacs and people with gluten-sensitivity, who must avoid traditionally produced beers to remain healthy.

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Bellfield Brewery plans to widen the range of available gluten-free beers by producing a premium IPA, and eventually, a stout, lager, with other beers to follow.

To accomplish their goal, Bellfield’s owners are currently working with a number of master brewers in Scotland to develop new gluten-free recipes. Bellfield will debut its first products by summer 2015. 

What do you think? Do we need more and better gluten-free beers? Are you game for a gluten-free IPA? welcomes your comments below (registration is NOT required).

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9 Responses:

Uncle Bruce
Rating: ratingfullratingfullratingfullratingfullratingfull Unrated
said this on
02 Feb 2015 9:03:16 AM PDT
I pay a bit over $40 for a case of Bard’s Tale GF sorghum beer made in Missouri. I wonder what this Scottish brew will cost in the US?

Rating: ratingfullratingfullratingfullratingfullratingfull Unrated
said this on
02 Feb 2015 11:10:13 AM PDT
YES! Had omission brand IPA and really enjoyed it. Might have to fly to Scotland and visit this new brewery.

Rating: ratingfullratingfullratingfullratingfullratingfull Unrated
said this on
02 Feb 2015 11:55:25 AM PDT
I'd be delighted to try their GF stout. That's one thing no one else has cracked yet, stout or porter. Look forward to hearing more.

Rating: ratingfullratingfullratingfullratingfullratingfull Unrated
said this on
02 Feb 2015 2:19:26 PM PDT
OMG you show a oatmeal stout but then you make no mention of one. I am a oatmeal stout lover and have not had one since having gluten problems in 2009. I know a GF oatmeal stout would be the easiest to brew and yet I have not seen one and then you showed it, I thought, and again with the IPA. LMAO someday, thank you so much for the articles and the hope that it is soon at hand.

Rating: ratingfullratingfullratingfullratingfullratingfull Unrated
said this on
02 Feb 2015 3:30:42 PM PDT
I don't even know what to write right I am so excited to have a beer again, if they can keep the ppms below 20 I would like to see them test out to 0 ppms of gluten with no cross contamination, it would be the first beer to have that highly prized and recognize distinction, way to go you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams (with out risk there is no reward).

Rating: ratingfullratingfullratingfullratingfullratingempty Unrated
said this on
24 Apr 2015 2:26:54 PM PDT
Hey man, you should check out Ground Breaker Brewing in Portland - a whole bunch of different kinds of beer, all certified GF.

They use chestnuts and a whole bunch of other cool stuff to make the beer. The beers are INCREDIBLE. It is kind of pricey to get shipped, but at least give it a try.

I recommend the IPA #2 as my favorite, but they are all good. if you live close enough, the brewpub on site also has pretty great all GF food. No gluten allowed on the premises.

Rating: ratingfullratingfullratingfullratingfullratingfull Unrated
said this on
02 Feb 2015 4:30:06 PM PDT
Fantastic News!!!!! Variety is the spice of life!!

john j acres
Rating: ratingfullratingfullratingfullratingfullratingfull Unrated
said this on
07 Feb 2015 5:01:44 PM PDT
I pay $70 a carton for O'Brien GF Sorghum Malt Beer Premium Larger in Australia. how much would the Scottish beer cost in Australia?

Rating: ratingfullratingfullratingfullratingfullratingempty Unrated
said this on
15 Feb 2015 9:03:53 PM PDT
With most GF brewers using sorghum mash, I'm still a bit flabbergasted that no one is brewing GF sour ales. (Why try to cover up the sorghum when you can use it to your advantage?) Would also love to see a not-barleywine ale brewed with dates and fermented soybean in the mash and a GF Rauchbier brewed with smoked oats. I've just never been down with most IPAs and Pilsner styles.

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Hi, I?m new to this forum. I?m not a native English speaker so sorry if my English is not perfect :-) For the past 2,5 years (at least) I?ve had typical symptoms of celiac disease.* When I realized this (too late I guess) I went gluten free immediately. So I?ve been gluten-free for approx. ...

I do not have any answers for you but wanted to provide a virtual hug. H. Pylori can cause villi blunting too which i know you said she had. There are also immune deficiency disorders as well. But two copies of the gene... People are offering good advice about the time it can tak...

I just re-read your original post and I am more convinced than ever that it's Candida. The rashes and feeling like something is stuck in her throat are both things I have been very familiar with! Look in her throat with a light and see if you can see any white patches of any kind. Candida has ...

If I thought celiac was what I had, it would be easier for me to get myself into ketosis. Just by saying hey there's a reason you should do this. Gluten intolerance is one thing, knowing what's wrong with me would be another. For people with fears like mine, therapy doesn't work. I have tri...

It can but they have shown time and time again that the liver bounces right back after the medication is stopped. I had some severe abdominal pain, cramping, bloating and major pain that went away after 2-3 days on Fluconazole! I showed visible signs of liver damage in the form of mild jaundice...