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Freeda Vitamins' Recommendations for Those on a Gluten-Free Diet

Freeda Vitamins' commitment to helping people with many different kinds of sensitivities, allergies, and restrictions has propelled us to keep in the forefront of nutrition, carefully researching our ingredients to bring our customers the highest quality and well-founded dietary supplements. Many people who are extra sensitive to gluten have found they can tolerate Freeda Vitamins products where others have proven a problem.

  • Gluten Free – 100% Gluten free manufacturing facility
  • Vegetarian – no animal/meat or dairy
  • Kosher – certified by two agencies
  • No Artificial Colors – no dyes which may cause irritation
  • Sugar Free – Freeda's products are also suitable for diabetics

Consider this:

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  1. Because celiac disease interferes in the intestines' ability to absorb, there may be significant deficiencies in essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals. These kind of deficiencies may also be found in anybody eschewing gluten, so care should be taken when going gluten-free.
  2. Too little fiber may be another inadvertent effect of avoiding gluten.
  3. Gluten can hide in many ingredients (and also in medications) and may not be easy to identify by reading labels unless you know what you are looking for (However, in the US, new laws now require allergens to be listed on labels.).
  4. People with Celiac Disease may benefit from vitamin and mineral therapy to help offset nutritional deficiencies. This is especially helpful as many gluten free foods are not fortified. Nutrients to especially look out for are the B vitamin family - but be sure that you are purchasing gluten-free vitamins.
  5. Because there is as of yet no cure or help from medicine, many people have found that the best way to cope and mend from the damage of celiac disease is by following a gluten free diet.

Freeda Vitamins also offer complimentary nutritionist support line at 1-800-777-3737.

Visit us at welcomes your comments below (registration is NOT required).

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If your concerned on wheat/gluten, see about getting a actual celiac blood test done, you have to be eating wheat for the test to be accurate. After that you will need the follow up endoscope and biopsy.

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