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Why Afterglow Cosmetics for Gluten-Free Cosmetics?

It's said that women inadvertently ingest up to four pounds of lip products in a lifetime! Many lipsticks, lip glosses, and lip balms available today contain wheat based ingredients that could negatively affect the stability and health of someone with Celiac Disease when ingested. Additionally, those that suffer from Celiac Disease also report experiencing a topical reaction due to internal exposure of gluten-laced cosmetics or externally coming in contact with gluten.

AfterGlow CosmeticsAfterglow Cosmetics offers a full range of certified gluten-free natural makeup. Since 2004, Afterglow's founder, Kristin Adams, has been on a mission to create safer, more natural beauty products that honor your health and beauty. Kristin's mother and sister are Celiacs and struggled to find gluten-free makeup. It just made sense that Kristin would formulate and certify her products gluten-free to be safe for those she loved and the millions of women looking for certified gluten-free cosmetics.

Even if you have gone gluten-free, you may still be unintentionally micro-dosing yourself with gluten via your cosmetic routine. Wheat based ingredients are common in makeup, skin care, and shampoos. Gluten based ingredients often serve as preservatives, emollients, and binders and often lie hidden under ingredient names like "tocopherol". The very commonly used cosmetic ingredient Tocopherol, also known as vitamin E, is frequently derived from wheat.

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Many gluten-based ingredients used in cosmetics are not listed as 'gluten' on the ingredient label. We suggest that you purchase your products from reputable companies that communicate they understand what gluten and Celiac Disease are and thoroughly communicate their commitment to guaranteeing they are gluten-free by going through the certification process to become GFCO Certified Gluten-Free.

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