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The Finnish Coeliac Society/Suomen Keliakialiitto ry
Hammareninkatu 7
SF-33100 Tampere,
Phone:+358 3 2541 300
Fax:+358 3 2541 350

Group: Hameen Keliakiayhdistys ry
Contact: Pj. Jorma Taipalus
Janiksenpoiku 32
13600 Hameenlinna
Tel: (03) 616 1232
Siht. Erja Kangasvuori
Liisanaro 3
13210 Hameenlinna
Tel: (03) 674 8979

Group: Imatran Seudun Keliakiayhdistys ry
Contact: Pj. Helena Hallikainen
Pajarintie 95
56730 Laikko
Tel: (05) 75 765
Siht. Eila Lintunen
Irmankatu 3
55120 Imatra
Tel: (05) 4322 550

Group: Pohjois - Karjalan Keliakiayhdistys ry
Contact: Pj. Erkki Vallius
Penttilankatu 1 B 9
80220 Joensuu
Tel: (013) 137 905
Siht. Mauno Koljonen
Ylasatamakatu 30 A 2
80100 Joensuu
Tel: (013) 225 709

Group: Keski-Suomen Keliakiayhdistys ry
Contact: Pj. Pirjo Laine
Hirvenkello 14
40520 Jyvaskyla
Tel: (014) 641 054
Siht. Sinikka Vihne
Lahdepolku 3
40500 Jyvaskyla
Tel: (014) 241 003

Group: Kainuun Keliakiayhdistys
Contact: Pj. Tarja Korvinen
Lansitie 15 E
87150 Kajaani
Tel: (08) 628 004
Siht. Helvi Paivi
Karjakatu 10
88600 Sotkamo
Tel: (08) 6662 141

Group: Lansi-Pohjan Keliakiayhdistys ry
Contact: Pj. Sanni Raisanen
Hervantie 20
94400 Keminmaa
Tel: (016) 270 272
Siht. Anne-Mari Keronen
Haapalankatu 5 A 4
94100 Kemi

Group: Koillis-Lapin Keliakiayhdistys ry
Contact: Pj. Reino Kunnari
Poylionkatu 7
98100 Kemijarvi
Tel: (016) 813 516
Siht. Ritva Pajari
98400 Isokyla
Tel: (016) 880 044

Group: Kokkolanseudun Keliakiayhdistys ry
Contact: Pj. Mauno Sulkala
Tyynikatu 3
67100 Kokkola
Tel: (06) 831 2915
Siht. Carita Holmberg
Pengerkuja 6
67100 Kokkola
Tel: (06) 831 1504

Group: Pohjois-Kymenlaakson Keliakiayhdistys ry
Contact: Pj. Aulikki Volanen
Valimontie 16
45100 Kouvola
Tel: (05) 3754 369
Siht. Raija Hayha
Alankotie 5
45120 Kouvola
Tel: (05) 3117 663

Group: Pohjois-Savon Keliakiayhdistys ry
Contact: Pj. Veikko Jokela
Suunnistajantie 1 A 23
70200 Kuopio
Tel: (017) 282 5166
Siht. Sisko Hentunen
Kielorannankatu 27
70820 Kuopio
Tel: (017) 363 2454

Group: Koillismaan Keliakiayhdistys
Contact: Pj. Tarja Virkkula
Kaakkurilammentie 9
93999 Kuusamo
Tel: (08) 8681 154
Siht. Sirpa Vaarala
Oravantie 9 A 18
93600 Kuusamo
Tel: (08) 8514 903

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Group: Paijat-Hameen Keliakiayhdistys ry
Contact: Pj. Jorma Ahonen
Uotilankatu 85 B
15840 Lahti
Tel: (03) 7535 505
Siht. Seija Saaski
Kansakoulunkatu 14 B 5
15700 Lahti
Tel: (03) 7823 764

Group: Etela-Kymen Keliakiayhdistys ry
Contact: Pj. Eija Aaltonen
Hirventie 7
49210 Huutjarvi
Tel: (05) 3431 021
Siht. Ritva Anttila
Aholankuja 69
49540 Metsakyla
Tel: (05) 3458 151

Group: Mikkelin Seudun Keliakiayhdistys ry
Contact: Pj. lsto Liukkonen
Otavantie 10
50670 Otava
Tel: (015) 170 241
Siht. Heli Pyrhonen
Sannastinlaakso 6 B 14
50100 Mikkeli
Tel: (015) 177 606

Group: Oulun Seudun Keliakiayhdistys ry
Contact: Pj. Vuokko Paaso
Manttaalitie 2 C 15
90650 Oulu
Tel: (08) 530 3702
Siht. Raili Toivio
Kirkkokatu 55 B 15
90120 Oulu
Tel: (08) 3113 110

Group: Suur-Helsingin Keliakiayhdistys ry
Contact: Pj. Hanna Kuntonen
Joukahaisentie 9 C 59
06150 Porvoo
Tel: (019) 669 241
Siht. Joni Torpo
Lyvkkiniemi 13
02160 Espoo
Tel: (09) 452 1437

Group: Raahen Tienoon Keliaakikot ry
Contact: Pj. Erkki Sivonen
Peiponpoiku 2
92130 Raahe
Tel: (08) 221 987
Siht. Riitta Silvennoinen
Vilpunlaakso 48
92130 Raahe
Tel: (08) 220 787

Group: Rauman Seudun Keliakiayhdistys ry
Contact: Pj. Maija Mattila
Paroalhonkatu 6
26660 Rauma
Tel: (02) 8251 083
Siht. Raija Uusitorppa
Vinkkelinkuja 30 1 C
26660 Rauma
Tel: (02) 8250 802

Group: Rovaniemen Seudun Keliakiayhdistys
Contact: Pj. Jorma Lietsalmi
Palkisentie 13 as 2
96100 Rovaniemi
Tel: (016) 346 152
Siht. Ritva Macklin
Perapuistikko 1-3 B 7
96190 Rovaniemi
Tel: (016) 395 767

Group: Seinajoen Seudun Keliakiayhdistys ry
Contact: Pj. Paula Alanen
Jokitie 12
61230 Luopa
Tel: (06) 4533 368
Siht. Marjo Kauppi
Jyrkkakallionkatu 1
60320 Seinajoki
Tel: (06) 4144 871

Group: Pirkanmaan Keliakiayhdistys ry
Contact: Pj. Pekka Collin
Pellervonkatu 9, huone 1011
33540 Tampere
Varapj. Paavo Leskinen
Tel: (03) 3645 719
Siht. Kirsi Makinen
Tel: (03) 3481 424

Group: Turun Seudun Keliakiayhdistys ry
Contact: Pj. Tarja Kemppi
Alikuimantie 362
21450 Tarvasjoki
Tel: (02) 848 172
Siht. Pirjo Vienonen
Vastarakinkatu 1 A 32
20610 Turku
Tel: (02) 2443 380

Group: Vaasan Seudun Keliakiayhdistys ry - Vasanejdens Celiakiforening rf
Contact: Pj. Leif Lili-Their
Korsholmanpuistikko 16
65100 Vaasa
Tel: (06) 312 7505
Siht. Birgitta Finne
Suopursuntie 8
65280 Vaasa
Tel: (06) 321 3637

Group: Harman Seudun Keliakiayhdistys ry
Contact: Pj. Erkki Kallio
Keskirannantie 2
62375 Yliharma
Tel: (06) 484 6363
Siht. Taimi Hakomaki
Kangastie Kp2
62375 Yliharma
Tel: (06) 484 6446 welcomes your comments below (registration is NOT required).

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All Activity Celiac Disease & Gluten-Free Diet Forum - All Activity

Hi Allie and welcome First off, I know 3 years was a long wait, but at 17 you've figured out celiac way before many people do. That should make a big impact on minimising its effects and helping you with the diet, so, bizarrely enough, congratulations! A lot of good advice has been brought together in this thread: Don't worry that your symptoms are bad now. As you follow the diet your body will begin healing itself and you're still very young so hopefully this will go really smoothly. Think in terms of the next 6 months rather than weeks however, recovery will likely take a little time. Eat as healthily as you can, lots of whole foods and try to avoid the gluten free processed substitutes as your digestive system needs all the help it can get at this moment. You may want to avoid dairy as well for now and think about reintroducing it later. This site has been really helpful to me and others. I hope you find it just as useful. Best of luck! ps, your increased reaction to gluten during the challenge phase was perfectly normal. Many find that reintroducing it much worse than the initial affects and take some time to get over the challenge. That's why you'll see lots of posts here urging folks to 'stay on gluten' till their testing is complete!

Hi! My daughter is 19 was diagnosed at age 16. It took about 12-18 month s for her to fully heal from the damage and feel "normal" again. Also because of the damage done she had reactions to dairy, so you may want to try no or minimum dairy until youre fully healed. Just a suggestion. Hope you start feeling well soon!

Hi yall! New to this blog, but really glad it exists because I have lots of questions. First off, I'm Allie! I'm 17 and newly diagnosed Celiac after about 3 years of searching for answers. I initially went gluten-free on the recommendation of a friend, I felt better in about a month and then my pediatric gastroenterologist had me do the gluten challenge, and my symptoms were the worst they have ever been, and ones I barely noticed before became very present. I did the biopsy and was diagnosed, it's been about 2 weeks and my symptoms are still pretty bad, although my diet has no known sources of gluten or cross contamination. Wondering if anyone has any input on healing post gluten challenge, any tips or how long it took for you would be quite helpful! Thanks

Might want to look into a keto diet, I have UC on top of celiacs and keto is working great Yeah I have major nerve and brain issues with gluten, gluten ataxia with nerve issues and brain issues. Seems to cause my body to attack my brain and nerve system. My brain stumbles fogs, and starts looping, the confusion causes me to become really irritable, I call it going Mr Hyde. Like my mind will start looping constantly on thoughts and not move driving me literally mad, or it used to. Now days it is primary the numbness anger but the gut issues and sometimes random motor loss limit me motionless to the floor now days for the duration of the major anger effects. Used to be a lot more mental then painful gut. I did a mental trauma post on it on while back where I came out about all my mental issues with gluten.

^^^^^^ good info, tips and tricks^^^^^^^^^ yes, crumbs will make you sick. also, breathing flour/pancake mix, etc that is in the air because eventually, you're going to swallow some.