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Eating for Health and Happiness: FITTRITION outlines the Benefits of a Gluten Free Diet

According to the Celiac Disease Foundation, it estimates that 1 in 100 persons worldwide suffer from Celiac disease, a chronic condition causing one's immune system to attack parts of the small intestine when Gluten is present in the digestive system. The side effects of this disease often felt usually include, but are not limited to, cramps, diarrhea, bone pain, and the skin condition dermatitis herpetiformis. With so many suffering from the painful and debilitating consequences of having a gluten allergy, people are rapidly turning to gluten-free diets to eliminate the discomfort caused by this wheat and grain based protein.

Because it is now easier than ever to live and enjoy an excellent quality of life while maintaining a gluten-free diet, companies are focusing on fulfilling the needs of a market wishing to find the compromise between health and satisfaction.

With the advances in food and nutrition research, products for people sensitive to wheat, and those with diagnosed Celiac disease can, at last, find the foods and products they enjoy without sacrificing taste. Numerous grocery stores and markets have taken the fuss out of shopping for you by displaying gluten-free products in a designated section. This section can include everything from non-food items such as medication; to baked goods like cake and bread. Finding pasta and beer without gluten is usually as simple as scanning this aisle. People with Celiac disease looking for gluten-free protein sources can also find a healthy alternative to traditional grains in FITtrition's meal replacement bars. No longer will someone worry whether or not they can remain healthy if they remove gluten from their life.

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What happens when a person with Celiac disease cuts gluten out of their meals?

Within just a few days the small intestine will begin to heal itself, and any rashes and side effects felt will slowly start to improve. After some time, typically a few weeks (sometimes longer), most, if not all gluten related discomfort will be alleviated. Along with living gluten-free, education and regularly scheduled appointments with a physician are crucial in managing Celiac disease. FITrition is offering FREE SHIPPING on all of it's GLUTEN FREE bars.


Simply go to their site and use discount code: ShipGlutenFree at check out. welcomes your comments below (registration is NOT required).

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Hi! My daughter is 19 was diagnosed at age 16. It took about 12-18 month s for her to fully heal from the damage and feel "normal" again. Also because of the damage done she had reactions to dairy, so you may want to try no or minimum dairy until youre fully healed. Just a suggestion. Hope you start feeling well soon!

Hi yall! New to this blog, but really glad it exists because I have lots of questions. First off, I'm Allie! I'm 17 and newly diagnosed Celiac after about 3 years of searching for answers. I initially went gluten-free on the recommendation of a friend, I felt better in about a month and then my pediatric gastroenterologist had me do the gluten challenge, and my symptoms were the worst they have ever been, and ones I barely noticed before became very present. I did the biopsy and was diagnosed, it's been about 2 weeks and my symptoms are still pretty bad, although my diet has no known sources of gluten or cross contamination. Wondering if anyone has any input on healing post gluten challenge, any tips or how long it took for you would be quite helpful! Thanks

Might want to look into a keto diet, I have UC on top of celiacs and keto is working great Yeah I have major nerve and brain issues with gluten, gluten ataxia with nerve issues and brain issues. Seems to cause my body to attack my brain and nerve system. My brain stumbles fogs, and starts looping, the confusion causes me to become really irritable, I call it going Mr Hyde. Like my mind will start looping constantly on thoughts and not move driving me literally mad, or it used to. Now days it is primary the numbness anger but the gut issues and sometimes random motor loss limit me motionless to the floor now days for the duration of the major anger effects. Used to be a lot more mental then painful gut. I did a mental trauma post on it on while back where I came out about all my mental issues with gluten.

^^^^^^ good info, tips and tricks^^^^^^^^^ yes, crumbs will make you sick. also, breathing flour/pancake mix, etc that is in the air because eventually, you're going to swallow some.

Hello I was diagnosed Dec 15 of last year and went totally gluten-free the next day. I actually got worse before I got better - it's a steep learning curve - but now, 4 1/2 months later I'm finally seeing improvement. Hang in there.