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Celiac Sufferer? What A Pain! Try Some Tiger Nuts!

Tiger Nuts are not nuts, they're small vegetable tubers that grow in the ground like potatoes.

Wheat, barley, rye, oats. Worse than swear words to celiac sufferers. Enemies to the immune system. But you know all that and you're probably on a gluten-free diet. However, you've probably, unwittingly reduced the amount of daily fiber you eat and that's serious.

Enter Tiger Nuts – the celiac's new best friend. You've never heard of them? Well you have now. They're not nuts by the way, they're small vegetable tubers that grow in the ground like potatoes. Apart from being 100% gluten-free, Tiger Nuts are also, among many other things, full of prebiotic fiber. Just a small handful of these tiny powerhouses a day will provide you with 33% of your essential daily fiber intake. Now that's great news by itself but hold on, there's more.

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There's another significant benefit too. Many celiac sufferers find that when they adhere to a gluten-free diet they start to gain weight because of a healthier diet. Another significant benefit of Tiger Nuts is that they can help keep that weight in check because the high fiber content also absorbs moisture in the gut, kidding the brain that the stomach is so full it has no room for another thing. Simple!

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Interesting article. I do wonder how she was 'misdiagnosed' though and how she came to the conclusion she wasn't celiac.

Try dropping the oats for while and see if that helps. Some of us, myself included, react to even the ones that are certified as gluten free.

Hey guys, I appreciate the input, you are all very sweet and kind. I do not eat out at all. Only eat food I cook. No alcohol. Only certified gluten-free oats, grains, rice, etc. I have 3 roommates in a little house. I have my own gluten-free section to cook and prepare foo...

What was your gluten free diet like? I wonder if, when you were gluten-free, you went more whole food, less processed food? Or did you continue to eat processed food that was just gluten free? One reason I ask is that I have cut way back on grains and processed foods like gluten-free bread, but o...

Equal parts Hershey Coco Powder and a sweetener with a pinch of salt. Super easy to make your own. I like adding a bit to my coffee with almond milk, and lakanto sugar free maple, or a bit of monk fruit or stevia. PS you might want to drop dairy milk. The enzymes to break it down come from th...