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Beyond Celiac to Host First Ever 'Bold Beyond Research Symposium'

On November 9th, Beyond Celiac will host the first ever Bold Beyond Research Symposium, bringing together noted researchers, clinicians and community members to explore the current state and future directions of celiac disease research. The Symposium, a free event, will be held on the Drexel University campus in Philadelphia also webcast to a live audience worldwide. The event, sponsored in part by CBS Radio Philadelphia, will spur dialogue about research/community partnerships and drive celiac disease community involvement.

Moderated by Alice Bast, Beyond Celiac CEO, the Research Symposium, will feature:

  • Ciaran P. Kelly, MD, Director, Celiac Center and Director, Gastroenterology Fellowship Training, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center; Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
  • Anthony J. DiMarino, Jr., MD, Chief, Division of Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
  • Ritu Verma, MD, Section Chief, Gastroenterology, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia; Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Beyond Celiac has been raising awareness and educating the general public about celiac disease for nearly 15 years and has a rich history of advocating for the celiac disease community in the food and restaurant industry and with government regulators such as the FDA.

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Today, the mission is to drive research to improve diagnosis rates, treatments, and overall quality of life for people with celiac disease. "The gluten-free diet is an incomplete and unreliable treatment, and yet it's all we've got," Bast explains. "No other options have been developed since gluten was identified as the culprit in celiac disease some 70 years ago. We deserve better. We need a 21st century research agenda."

To register for the symposium, visit our site

To connect with the celiac disease community and play a role in research, sign up for Go Beyond Celiac and help drive research and help us live life to the fullest. welcomes your comments below (registration is NOT required).

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if you have celiac and you eat gluten, you will feel terrible and do damage to your body. there isn't any 'morning after' (for lack of a better term) tried and true remedy. if i am accidently glutened (and i am insanely careful, so this does not happen often anymore) i find that drinking plenty...

My mistake... HUGE Oops... She hasn't been diagnosed with anything as of yet. I couldn't remember the name so I googled and DH came up. Well that was wrong.... it is Keratosis pilaris she has. i just really don't want her to get to 20 years old and finally become allergic to lactose lik...

i was at a meeting recently, where they serve dinner, ironically the meeting is at a communitiy room at our local hospital (where the meal is catered by the hospital cafeteria and i do not eat BECAUSE THEY CAN'T DO GLUTEN FREE. AT A HOSPITAL.) but i digress.... 'oh, my doctor told me i hav...

If she was actually diagnosed, by a skin biopsy, for DH, then she has Celiac. NO need for further testing.

i find that i can tolerate some foods that were off limits to me (soy, certain veggies, ice cream, chocolate, etc) if i do not eat them two days in a row, for whatever reason. i'm thinking histamines. whatever it is, i can eat many more/different foods. i usually eat the same sort of food/meal...