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Associazione Famiglie Bambini Celiachi
Contact: Emilia Romague
Via Masia 21
I-40138 Bologna, Italy
Tel: 39/51/391980

A.I.C. Associazione Italiana Celiachia
Home page:
Contact: Anna Maria Vallesi
Via Picotti 22
56124 Pisa, Italy
Tel/Fax: +39 (50) 580939

Group: Marche
Contact: Ratini Paolo
Via A.Rocca, 20
60011 Arcevia (Ancona)
Tel. +39-731-9047

Group: Assoc Famigilie Bambini Celiaci
Contact: Silvio Costantini
Via Masia 21
I-40138 Bolgna
Tel. +39-51-391980

Group: Alto Adige
Contact: Sinn Franz
Via Am Eichamt, 29
39050 Cornaiano (Bolzano)
Tel. +39-471-662424

Group: Sardegna
Contact: Maria Teresa Russo
Via Sassari, 69
09121 Cagliari
Tel. +39-70-652912

Resource of Italy
Contact: Luigi Delussu
Strada 47, Poggio dei Pini
09012 Capoterra CA
Tel: 39 70 725483

Contact: Quattromani Antonio
Via Brigata, 7
88100 Catanzaro
Tel. +39-961-782310

Group: Puglia - Basilicata
Contact: Gasperi Anna Maria Pia
Via Padre Ardelio della Bella, 13
71100 Foggia
Tel. +39-881-686930

Group: Liguria
Contact: Spanio Barbara
Via Telesio, 4/3
16145 Genova
Tel. +39-10-319232

Italian Coeliac Association
Piazza Costituzione Italiana, 2
50023 Figline Valdarno

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Group: Lombardia
Piazza Erculea, 11
20122 Milano
Tel./Fax: +39-2-86.78.20

Group: Campania
Via Fiorentine a Chiaia, 9
80122 Napoli
Tel. +39-81-7612112

Group: Sicilia
Donizetti, 12
90134 Palermo
Tel./Fax. +39-91-320702

Group: Umbria
Contact: Pellicori Spinelli Elsa
Via Cortonese, 74/A
06127 Perugia
Tel. +39-75-5007369

Group: Abruzzo
Contact: Innamorati Paolo
Via Botticelli, 53
65100 Pescara
Tel. +39-85-4210355

Group: Toscanav
Contact: Ricci Viviana
Viale Montegrappa, 314
50047 Prato
Tel. +39-574-583169

Reggio Emilia
Group: Emilia Romagna
Contact: Gualtieri Mauro
Via Bonazza, 22
42016 S.Giorgio Di Guastalla (Reggio Emilia)
Tel. +39-522-830328

Group: Lazio
Contact: Sgroi Maria Rosa
Via dei Giovi, 45
00141 Roma
Tel. +39-6-87181786

Group: Piemonte - Valle dAosta
Contact: Lucia Bramante
Via Palestro, 11bis
10036 Settimo Torinese (Torino)
Tel. +39-11-8950476

Contact: Vettori Elsa
Loc.Man S.Antonio, 25
38050 Villazzano (Trento)
Tel. +39-461-922117

Group: Veneto
Contact: Finardi Umberto
Via Fabia, 17/9
31010 One Di Fonte (Treviso)
Tel. +39-423-948166

Group: Friuli Venezia Giulia
Contact: Spinelli Caterina
Via Tolmezzo, 8
34100 Trieste
Tel. +39-40-422472 welcomes your comments below (registration is NOT required).

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I've been having diarrhea for the last year which I attributed to stress. In the last three months I've been having INTENSE abdominal pain(all over not from gas bc I took anti gas medicine) gas, and bloating. The doctor ordered an upper and lower endoscopy. He found a precancerous polyp (not the ...

I know this is an old post but I was happy to see it here!! There have been numerous times lately that I swell up (like 3 to 4 lbs heavier) the morning after excess salt (chips, salted nuts, pickles, etc...). This happens even when I know I haven't been exposed to gluten plus I don't have the em...

Hey guys - For the last few years I've dealt with energy issues, emotional lethargy, grogginess, and recently OCD, so I decided to go gluten-free 4 weeks ago. After a week of dizzy spells, irritability and insane cravings it felt like a veil had been lifted from me - I felt lighter on my feet, en...

Ok so is this really true?!?! Conventional? Remember, the fecal transplant was first described in the 1950s, but took decades to catch on as a conventional treatment for gut disorders, such as c-dif bacteria, partly because it was seen as crude and somehow objectionable. But it proved to wor...

You are super sweet. I'm sorry your extended family isn't great about get togethers and cards. My family is the same. Once my parents died I don't have anyone who really cares about me except for my husband and kids. My parents started getting really weird about stuff as they got older, and my si...