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Norsk Coliakiforening
Prinsens Gate 6.5. etg.
N-0152 Oslo, Norway
Tel: 47/22/42/60/01 (Tues. & Wed)
Fax: 47/22/42/60/04

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Norweigean Coeliac Association.
Karsten Kronholm
Medisinsk rådgjevar (medical adviser)
Sogn og Fjordane fylkeskommune (county)
Telf. 57 65 38 58.
Privat-adr. Henjahaugane 17, 5842 Leikanger

The Norwegian Coeliac Society
Sandakerveien 99
PB 4725 Nydalen
0421 OSLO
Telf. (+47) 22 79 91 70 Fax 22 79 93 95


International contact :
(Also : Director of the Board of Association of European Coeliac Societies)
Karsten Kronholm M.D. telf private : (+47) 57 65 38 58 Mobil : (+47) 415 30 390
Henjahaugane 17
6863 Leikanger. welcomes your comments below (registration is NOT required).

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I?m so sorry you feel you must steal, that must be awful. The only thing I might consider is that it can become a habit, especially the self-justification part. Not that I'm recommending it right now for you , but with a ketogenic diet, the body goes into ketosis, not ketoacidosis, which is ...

Hi Mary Anne, They take the skin biopsy from adjacent to a "lesion". There are many possible symptoms of celiac disease. DH is the skin rash symptom of celiac disease. It can take a year for itching to go away from what I've read. Reducing iodine intake during symptoms may help reduc...

... these crepes will be prepared on the same griddle, so they're intended for those with mild celiac disease or those who just prefer to eat gluten-free. View the full article

I have said since diagnosis that there are two places that I never want to be in for fear I would die from what they would feed me. One is a hospital and the other is jail. Fresh or frozen fruits, veggies, fresh meats, eggs, cheeses etc are also the same proce for us as for anyone who isn't celia...

Yeah been there, done that, I have broken down to learning to how to cook acorns even, fall I steal pumpkins from the city decorations after halloween so I can eat the seeds and sell the meat in baked goods at the markets. I sometimes used to take produce from the grocery stores. Note you can som...