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Norsk Coliakiforening
Prinsens Gate 6.5. etg.
N-0152 Oslo, Norway
Tel: 47/22/42/60/01 (Tues. & Wed)
Fax: 47/22/42/60/04

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Norweigean Coeliac Association.
Karsten Kronholm
Medisinsk rådgjevar (medical adviser)
Sogn og Fjordane fylkeskommune (county)
Telf. 57 65 38 58.
Privat-adr. Henjahaugane 17, 5842 Leikanger

The Norwegian Coeliac Society
Sandakerveien 99
PB 4725 Nydalen
0421 OSLO
Telf. (+47) 22 79 91 70 Fax 22 79 93 95


International contact :
(Also : Director of the Board of Association of European Coeliac Societies)
Karsten Kronholm M.D. telf private : (+47) 57 65 38 58 Mobil : (+47) 415 30 390
Henjahaugane 17
6863 Leikanger. welcomes your comments below (registration is NOT required).

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You are replying to a 7 year old post, so I doubt you will hear back.

Message to Hertzya is there anyway to contact you outside the forum? My daughter is in the Navy and was just tested for Celiac. I heard that if it?s positive she will get a medical discharge. She?s freaking out. How did you manage to get around that? Is there a precedent? Hope you can help! ...

Thanks very much everyone

First, you're not really "young" to be diagnosed. Most people are diagnosed when they're older but it isn't because they didn't have it when they were young. It's because until recently people were being told they have IBS and everything else under the sun before they were finally told they have ... University of Chicago Celiac Center.