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Norsk Coliakiforening
Prinsens Gate 6.5. etg.
N-0152 Oslo, Norway
Tel: 47/22/42/60/01 (Tues. & Wed)
Fax: 47/22/42/60/04

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Norweigean Coeliac Association.
Karsten Kronholm
Medisinsk rådgjevar (medical adviser)
Sogn og Fjordane fylkeskommune (county)
Telf. 57 65 38 58.
Privat-adr. Henjahaugane 17, 5842 Leikanger

The Norwegian Coeliac Society
Sandakerveien 99
PB 4725 Nydalen
0421 OSLO
Telf. (+47) 22 79 91 70 Fax 22 79 93 95


International contact :
(Also : Director of the Board of Association of European Coeliac Societies)
Karsten Kronholm M.D. telf private : (+47) 57 65 38 58 Mobil : (+47) 415 30 390
Henjahaugane 17
6863 Leikanger. welcomes your comments below (registration is NOT required).

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I feel the same. Every so often, someone will roll their eyes. I try not to discuss it unless I have to, only because I don't love having the topic of conversation become me, but others seem genuinely curious. Every so often I have a pity party over not being able to just pick up a sandwich a...

I can't remember, but it was a few years ago and maybe it had Maltodextrin in it, or maybe it was the 'flavorings' - which I never eat unless it's from a company like Kraft or McCormick that labels clearly. But given that you eat it safely, maybe I'll contact the company for a clear answer.

So the simple explanation is - You eat gluten. It travels along and gets to your small intestine. For some reason, your small intestine feels it is an invader. but instead of making antibodies that "attack" the gluten, the small intestine cells make antibodies that attack itself. Sort of misg...

Hi - I think some of the issue here may be stemming from confusion about the word "exposed" and the two things in bold above -- while you are very strict about eating gluten, am I right that you've been accidentally eating some and for the past month have accidentally been not-gluten-free? If so...

my thinking was that if I ate gluten tonight again , then the reaction would be there tomorrow not that there would be gluten for them to find exactly. So from what your saying It would make sense - i.e. if my body was going to react to gluten with antibodies then by eating gluten say tonight it ...