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Norsk Coliakiforening
Prinsens Gate 6.5. etg.
N-0152 Oslo, Norway
Tel: 47/22/42/60/01 (Tues. & Wed)
Fax: 47/22/42/60/04

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Norweigean Coeliac Association.
Karsten Kronholm
Medisinsk rådgjevar (medical adviser)
Sogn og Fjordane fylkeskommune (county)
Telf. 57 65 38 58.
Privat-adr. Henjahaugane 17, 5842 Leikanger

The Norwegian Coeliac Society
Sandakerveien 99
PB 4725 Nydalen
0421 OSLO
Telf. (+47) 22 79 91 70 Fax 22 79 93 95


International contact :
(Also : Director of the Board of Association of European Coeliac Societies)
Karsten Kronholm M.D. telf private : (+47) 57 65 38 58 Mobil : (+47) 415 30 390
Henjahaugane 17
6863 Leikanger. welcomes your comments below (registration is NOT required).

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Hi Everyone! Thank you for all your responses! This site is so helpful and I appreciate everyone who replied to my post. I was able to get an earlier appt with Maureen Leonard who was absolutely wonderful like you all said and after more testing and even a genetics test, my son now has a diag...

Are you substituting something for the PPI? I'm not sure what meds will mix well with it, but you could ask the pharmacy or Dr. for advice on what might work. I'm thinking you stopped something that may be helping in some ways, and are now allowing your symptoms to return. If so, it makes ...

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I have a friend with MS, another with breast cancer and a third with RA. At the same age my only problem is I cannot eat gluten! So when I start getting frustrated about food I think about that and how lucky I truly am. Once you get in the swing of it it gets easier and then you start to feel ...

I know I needed the confirmation. My hubby went gluten free per the very poor advice from my allergist and his GP. It worked, but we really do not know if he has celiac disease. He refuses to do a gluten challenge and I do not blame him. We do know that gluten makes him sick. He has been gl...