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Chile - Doctors

Julio Espinoza, M.D.
President of the Gastroenterological Branch of the Chilean Pediatric Society
c/o I.N.T.A.
Av. J.P. Alessandri #5540
Macul - Santiago - Chile
Fax: 56-2-2214030

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Ernesto Guiraldes, M.D. - Pediatrician
Pediatric Gastroenterology Group
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile,
Medical School,
Santiago, Chile
E-mail:, or

Dr. Carlos Quintana, M.D.
Gastroenterology Division
The Catholic University of Chile
Marcoleta 367, Santiago, Chile
Tel: 56-2-6332051
Fax: 56-2-6331457 welcomes your comments below (registration is NOT required).


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Great so they are safe! Good because I bought a bag and jab been suffering with a sore throat so this will definitely soothe it. Thanks!

Hi Louie, Welcome to the forum! It's true, you probably are doing the gluten-free diet wrong. The gluten-free diet is a huge change for many people, and it can take sometime to learn it and how to avoid all the places gluten can hide in foods. Really I consider the first 6 months a be...

No that's a really good point mate. I'll amend my post also. Thanks for pointing it out

Just needed to point this out while it seems the UK and perhaps even Canada they are. The US McDonalds has wheat in the fries. Second thought in the US you have to a take more careful with CC and chains, the kids go in and out of these like crazy and think gluten free is a kind of fad. I would ...

I hope I'll be fine too.