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Top 20 Diagnoses Before a Diagnosis of Celiac Disease

The following list was taken from the Fall, 1996 Celiac Disease Foundation Newsletter.

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  1. Anemia
  2. IBS
  3. Psychological stress, nerves, imagination
  4. Diarrhea
  5. IBD
  6. Diabetes
  7. Spastic Colon
  8. Ulcers
  9. Virus (Viral Gastroenteritis)
  10. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  11. Weight-loss
  12. Allergies
  13. Amoeba, Parasites, Infection
  14. Gallbladder Disease
  15. Thyroid Disease
  16. Cancer, Lymphoma, Digestive
  17. Colitis
  18. Cystic Fibrosis
  19. Lactose Intolerance
  20. Reflux

Data from an on-going Celiac Disease Foundation study of 600 Biopsy-proven celiacs.

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Thanks all. I took you advice and I just went for a walk instead of doing intense cardio. I'm feeling quite a bit better today but since it's friday I'm gonna rest it up also

I've posted about this before, but I'm about 14 weeks in and have seen very little improvement. Did any of you take a long time to feel better, and do you think I should cast my doubts aside?

Here is a link to a good explanation below. Some people go a bit overboard with the " what ifs". Even , on the rare occasion the stuff is made from wheat oil, and it has a stray molecule of protein.... then it is .05% ( maybe less?) of a whole 4 oz bottle of lotion- even if you drank the whole bottle- it isn't enough to gluten you. http://www.glutenfreedietitian.com/vitamin-e-from-wheat-germ-oil/ the author of of this article is well respected in the Celiac medical/ research community and has spoken at International Celiac Research symposiums