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Pete Jeno

I am 38 years old,undiagnosed, but living gluten-free as much as possible. Mother and many of my sisters have it too. Even a few nieces/nephews. I'd love to use this site as a reference for eating out, as thats the hardest thing to accomplish. So I'll post as much as I find--domestic or international. Thanks to any info you all get on here too. It helps tons.<br/>

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Just a short note and request for suggestions; I've heard to stay away from brown sauces (could contain soy sauce), but that the 'white sauce' is ok. Other than certain dim sum...I'm guessing the stea...
Hi, So, just putting this user experience out there and asking for your feedback. I have often gotten Amy's gluten free pizza (the plain rice crust/ Cheese one), and have gotten sick every time. (sick...

GREAT GF eating in Toronto

IL FORNELLO - It's a chain in Canada, and it's amazing in what they offer. Was in Toronto this Spring for 5 days, and ate there 4 times. Delicious gourmet GF PIZZA (see pic) - thin crust, cooked in t...