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Pat Koehler

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2002. I have had several misdiagnosis as the cause of my chronic fatigue, depression and pain. I was given drug after drug after drug and I had severe side-effects to them or they didn't work. I was tested for celiac disease in 2005 and it came back negative. On 8/18/11, I saw a doctor at a clinic while out of town with a sinus infection. He recommended going gluten-free to see if that helped. I intend this blog as a diary of this journey.

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Almost 2 months of GF and here are some highlights. I’m finding it hard to tell if being GF is helping. I had a sinus infection when I began my GF diet, and now have had one for almost 3...
How it all started Overwhelmed. ..anxious. ..excited…and a gamut of other emotions are what I felt that day. Did I hear this new doctor right? He left the exam room stating “wa...