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Joanne Bradley

Author of Gluten Free Success for the College Studentand other specialty publications, I am a career food service manager and chef, diagnosed with gluten and dairy intolerance in 2004. I publish the website for gluten free college students and parents as well as blog on this subject at I am dedicated to bridging the gap for special situations in food allergy using my decades of food service experience.

 Articles by this Author

Quick how-to's about making a gluten-free emergency kit for you or your family. Until gluten-free dining becomes more commonplace, you do need to plan for unusual occurrences. Even with planning, there is no guarantee that you will be able to grab your food kit. If you can, it will be a great comfort in many different situations. It is my most sincere wish that you never have to use your emergency kit.

Students embarking on the college path often ride a roller coaster between sheer unadulterated excitement and deep-in-the-stomach dread of meeting new people and challenges. For the gluten free college student, a whole world of eating choices will await them in all sorts of different social situations. It is a new cornucopia of responsible choice.