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Kimberly McGowan

I was diagnosed with celiac disease in late February after a life long struggle with digestive issues. I am in an exploratory phase with food right now. I have found that many of my old favorite recipes are pleasantly converted to gluten free and have proudly toted my gluten free alternatives to many a covered dish gatherings with rave reviews. The diet however has many challenges and it helps to read through websites like these to see how others handle situations.

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Thanksgiving Thoughts

As thanksgiving approaches my stress level increases. It is now not only my own diet that I have to worry about but also the diet of my 13 year old daughter. Thanksgiving being such a family oriented ...

My Blessing

I have a new appreciation for the fact that my diet has had to be modified. Without the need to analyze what I am eating, the revelation and reality of what I am eating would not have occurred. I was ...
Ingredients:2 Large cans gluten-free artichoke hearts, drained 8 baby carrots, sliced lengthwise10 asparagus stalks previously steamed until bright green and tender crisp1 medium tomato ½ yello...
Food, food, food. The one thing I realize since being diagnosed with celiac disease, is how much time was not spent on food before. I must spend half of my recent waking hours thinking about what to...

Strawberry update

I have not yet gotten an answer to the question " Are strawberries grown in wheat straw gluten free. I have asked my local Chapter of the Dept. of Agriculture to look into the question. However, I hav...
I have been reading articles that say that people with celiac shouldn't consume strawberries due to the fact that they are grown in straw. I picked strawberries with my children yesterday and I ask...