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Margie Culbertson

Only diagnosed 2008, but I have suffered forever! Discovered I am lactose intolerant, beef intolerant too! I am a Freelance Writer, which keeps me sane. I am glad I will have support from this list.

 Articles by this Author

This is not your traditional Asian recipe for this dish. But it is, I hope, a new tradition at your table. Maybe it will not even make it to the table! I made it in small portions for those of us who cook for just ourselves. You can double it if you wish. (But make only as much as you can eat for one meal. It is not good as a left-over.)

This salad mixes together all kinds of wonderful greens with unusual samples out of the fridgeand comes up with a fun result.

This soup is not only good, but the recipe gives you a hint. You just won't want to miss reading this for all of your bean-cooking recipes!

Because of the combination of garlic, cinnamon and ginger on the chicken this dish tastes Indian and mildly exotic. Not everyone has time to do home-made cooking of the long-prep kind, so I’ve given two cooking options in this recipe.