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Jennifer Arrington

I first learned of celiac disease while studying for my masters in nutrition and immunology at Texas A&M University. Prior to this, I had been sick for over six years with unexplained health problems. After discussing my options with a local physician, I decided to try the gluten free diet.  Within days the symptoms had resolved!  Ten years and two healthy children later, I am still gluten free.  In an effort to help bring celiac disease into the mainstream, I have recently published a Christian romance novel, Trusting for Tomorrow, that highlights the struggles of diagnosing and living with celiac disease.  Follow my blog at

  Blogs by this Author

I’m not sure when I became part of the “in crowd” but suddenly I find that I’m not weird anymore. Gluten-free is now “cool.” I go to restaurants and grocery store...
Polaner All-Fruit Jam with Fiber: Is it really Gluten and Sugar Free? How many of us find a trusted brand and happily spend the extra money to get that brand of that product so we don’...
This article humorously depicts a disastrous luncheon I attended. It brings home the message that living gluten-free can be challenging!Today I went to a business women’s power lunch. Now I am ...