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Kristen Campbell

Kristen Campbell is a gluten-free, natural beauty expert. Diagnosed with severe gluten intolerance, she tests and tries, then recommends only the very best and purest gluten-free cosmetic products on her website She is also the co-founder of the world's first gluten-free search engine.

  Blogs by this Author

Just one milligram. That is truly all it takes. As mentioned by Dr. Thomas O’Bryan in Unlocking the Mystery of Wheat and Gluten Intolerance, that is just one sixteenth of the size of a fingernai...
After explaining to a friend the prescribed action for celiac disease or severe gluten intolerance—a lifetime avoidance of gluten from wheat, barley and rye—I am often met with the sympa...
My last visit to the salon left my hair dresser quite concerned. While combing out my wet hair for cutting, she noticed that several small red bumps had just popped up on the back of my scalp. The r...
Finding effective and 100% natural products that perform up to my standards was already a challenge, so naturally, finding those products that are also gluten-free was no easy task. In the midst of al...