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Dr. Scot Lewey

Dr. Scot Lewey is a digestive disease specialist doctor (board certified gastroenterologist) whose medical practice focuses on digestive and food related illness & research. He has published numerous articles, many of which are featured in popular Celiac newsletters. Not only is he a medical expert on food allergy & intolerance but he is also personally sensitive to gluten & dairy, & his wife has Celiac disease. They live gluten free in Colorado.

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Celiac Disease Genetics

Are you confused about genetic testing for celiac disease? Do you want to know what tests you should request and which laboratory to use?  Have you already had celiac DQ genetic testing but are not sure what the results mean or what your risk is of developing celiac disease or gluten sensitivity? These are the questions I will answer in the next few pages.

Celiac disease genetic testing is available. Testing can be done on blood or mouth swab samples. Testing may or may not be paid for by your health insurance but can be quite helpful. However, there are pitfalls in the testing and reporting. Learn more. Here are ten facts need to know about Celiac disease genetic testing.

This article appeared in the Winter 2007 edition of Celiac.coms Scott-Free Newsletter.

This article appeared in the Summer 2006 edition of's Scott-Free Newsletter.