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terri forthville

After exposure to nutra sweet, uranium and plutonium and vinyl chloride as an engineer, my body has just given up...I'm allergic to so many things, wheat is one of the newest ones. Avoiding gluten has become more of a priority for me as I suffer from hives. Sometimes over half my body is covered with red wheals that itch and burn. It's hard to focus and work. A doctor told me to accept it and hope it goes away. I figured out the wheat / gluten problem on my own, along with the latex, and dust mites. I also think my own house was a culprit from the plicatic acid from the cedar beams. (I get better when I am not at home). I have a lot of experience with these issues and as a newbie to gluten I have some helpful perspectives.

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First let me thank those of you who have responded to my blog! This is my first and only blog attempt and to find out that people are reading it is really quite exhilarating! The advice is quite wel...
I have a celiac-related condition that causes severe gluten sensitivity and hives. Two weeks ago, I visited a Naturopathic doctor. She and I talked for nearly three hours. It was a very good meeting ...