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Rick Lenger

I was diagnosed with celiac disease on January 23, 2009. Since that time my focus has been on regaining health and perhaps feeling better than I ever have in my life. I was an elementary and junior high school teacher for 18 years and a principal for 14 years prior to my early retirement at 55 years old. I felt a lack of pep and enthusiasm when I retired and went through a period of 4 years before I was finally diagnosed. I had never heard of celiac disease. What a journey this has been.

 Articles by this Author

Sharing symptoms just prior to celiac diagnosis and the amazing progress after 10 months of a gluten free lifestyle. A brief list of some of the authors I've discovered and research scientists who are blazing the trail in celiac studies. This is a short article.

This article takes the reader through my personal struggles with undiagnosed celiac disease from a naive 22 year old with a scary diagnoses of possible liver cancer to a 59 year old at the end of his rope, desperate to find some answers to major health issues. I talk about my high alkaline phosphatase levels and how calcium and vitamin D have greatly helped in a fairly short period of time.