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Phyllis Morrow

I am a 57 year old retired professor and celiac living in Fairbanks, Alaska. The transition to GF cooking was made easier for me because I have always cooked from scratch, whether starting from Alaskan salmon and moose, or fresh vegetables. Living with celiac disease still means good conversation over good food.

 Articles by this Author

Photo: CC--megoizzy

For a celiac traveler from the United States, New Zealand is a pleasure. Gluten awareness is widespread, there are GF food options virtually everywhere you go, and product labeling for allergens and gluten is typical. Because New Zealand is English-speaking, there is no problem communicating GF needs. And, of course, it’s summer there when it’s winter here and it’s beautiful.

One of the great pleasures of the holidays is having a wide assortment of goodies around to enjoy with family and friends. Don't get left out of the fun because you're gluten intolerant. Organize an old-fashioned cookie exchange with gluten free recipes. Here’s how to do it...

Make a brown rice sourdough starter and enjoy these amazing waffles. It's easy to make a sourdough starter with brown rice flour and warm water in a glass jar or plastic container, allowing naturally occurring yeast to grow over a few days.

Gluten-free in the Great Outdoors

With a positive attitude, smart planning, a few tips and a measure of trust, you can get out and enjoy camping, hiking, biking, boating and picnicking. Here are some suggestions that will variously keep you gluten-free from the local state park to the Grand Canyon and the Alaskan backcountry.

Food shopping and dining in France, the land of patisserie (pastry) and bread (pain) can be better than "pain-less." This article gives information on gluten-free products and communicating the needs of a celiac traveler.