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This is on their FB page: Indeed. My take - their ad agency / internal marketing is looking to create 'edgy' content which they calculated would play well with sports fans. They probably have a lamentable brand values document which they're trying to align their messaging ...

I did a bit of a compilation of gluten free foods, you can find just about everything gluten-free now you just have to pay a bit more and shop around. I have gotten great at cooking gluten-free also....and bashing cravings with extracts....heck I just did a fun experiment where I wanted a super c...

On the plus side, at least the doctor did test for deamidated gluten peptide. Most docs don?t do dGp. If your doc didn?t (as neither my doc nor my daughter?s doc did), you would be left in limbo. So be thankful you have a diagnosis and a solution and get to a celiac savvy doctor for future monit...

Respected consumer advocacy group Public Citizen is calling for the FDA to ban the sale Benicar, due to the potential for side effects to which Public Citizen refers as "life-threatening." According to Public Citizen, olmesartans risks outweigh any benefits. Should Benicar be banned? View the fu...

The thing is. They didn't have to say anything about gluten free food. They didn't have to put that mean-spirited dig in there at all. They could have just showed the awesome thing for serving food. People with food sensitivities would have just substituted gluten-free or peanut free food in ...