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Hi, DH (dermatitis herpetiformis) is an itchy rash caused by celiac disease.You should keep eating gluten until all celiac testing is completed. Usually testing is a blood antibodies test first, followed by an endoscopy later.

If you only stopped 2 days ago no problem. Try and get a test arranged. if that can't happen, trial the diet and keep a journal tracking any response. I found that really helpful as some changes are subtle and gradual.

I don't see that stopping gluten would cause a rash for anyone. You might want to look at this site

ok so eating gluten tonight wouldnt really have an effect then but i wouldnt likely still have them in my system after just 2 days of gluten free anyway. Basically the sooner the better I have the test really to have best chances. On a seperate note - i have just seen that I have developed a...

I feel the same. Every so often, someone will roll their eyes. I try not to discuss it unless I have to, only because I don't love having the topic of conversation become me, but others seem genuinely curious. Every so often I have a pity party over not being able to just pick up a sandwich a...