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GREAT GF eating in Toronto

IL FORNELLO -  It's a chain in Canada, and it's amazing in what they offer. Was in Toronto this Spring for 5 days, and ate there 4 times. Delicious gourmet GF PIZZA (see pic) - thin crust, cooked in the stone pizza oven on A SEPARATE PAN. (the rest of the pizzas go straight on the stone.) It was delicious. They say they have a steady stream of celiac customers.
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I can't remember, I dont think it was a separate menu, but rather a notation that all pasta and pizza items can be made GF.. Anyhow, great place. Love to see this kind of care and focus happen in the US. (This is my first post, so hope this is useful)

As always, welcomes your comments (see below).

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Carol Frilegh

said this on
19 Dec 2007 6:22:18 AM PDT
Pete I am a Torontonian and was a devotee of Il Fornello before becoming celiac but cannot tolerate rice or potato flour so make excellent pizzas at home using almond flour, egg oil and basil and oregano for the crust.

There are a slew of great toppings to choose from
I am on The Specific Carbohydrate Diet which is Gluten Free but does not include much store bought convenience food.

We are not dairy free but must be sure cheese us aged at least thirty days so it is lactose free. Eight years on SCD has made me a fast and fantastic cook. I gave a cooking course at Loblaws with the two co-authors of the Cookbook Grain-Free Gourmet

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Leg pain can be a symptoms of celiac or NCGS. Cause can also be from a deficiency brought on from different causes including celiac. How are her magnesium levels? And B-Vitamin Levels? Bit of a joke, doctors call their occupation a "Practice" seems they need more practice.

I keep my eggy flat bread in the freezer for quick fixes of eggs normally. But I do sometimes make a porridge out of almond and coconut meal, Konjac flour can be used to thicken stuff into a nice porridge wand works great with almond butter. and I sometimes make a oatmeal knock off using Miracle ...

It's so frustrating how they don't order all or the right tests and then if something comes back not right--just ignore it. With my daughter I knew something was off for some time but her blood tests -of course it was only a ttg iga and immunoglobulin a that were run-came back negative. But in ...

I eat oatmeal and granola made with certified gluten free oats. I have to be careful of those that are labeled just gluten free or organic oats on the label as I have had adverse reactions. I also eat Rice and Corn Chex. If I am traveling, I can usually find them in grocery stores even in small ...

Hey fellow celiacs! Just wondering what cereals everyone eats. I know cereal is not the most nutritious choice but sometimes making eggs gets tiring so just a nice list of gluten free options would be great?