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Frozen goods: AMY's 'gluten-free' pizza...not gluten-free for me

So, just putting this user experience out there and asking for your feedback. I have often gotten Amy's gluten free pizza (the plain rice crust/ Cheese one), and have gotten sick every time. (sick meaning: inflated, swollen, etc, followed by all the 'afterness' later.) I confirmed with someone else (they actually bought it up first), that they cant have this brand either.
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They only tried the Spinach/Soy cheese flavor (which I LOVED, but questioned it too). It can be observed that there is a HUGE ingredient list, which as a celiac, the longer the list, the more there is to question.
 For me though, and when at home, I'll stick to making it from scratch. What are your results?  Is anyone having good or bad results using AMY's Pizzas? And thanks all. - Pete

As always, welcomes your comments (see below).

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57 Responses:


said this on
13 Dec 2007 10:52:38 AM PST
I've never tried this gluten-free product, but I don't think they can legally label it as gluten-free if it is not....could it be that you also might have a lactose intolerance?


said this on
17 Sep 2011 4:21:47 PM PST
This pizza is gross. I threw up after one slice, my wife was sick about an hour later. We may never eat pizza again after this experience.

Ann Short

said this on
24 Jun 2014 2:35:37 PM PST
They can legally label it gluten-free as long as somewhere on the package it says it is processed in a facility that packages allergy foods, wheat, nuts, soy, etc. Cross contamination is the problem, and Amy's does say that.


said this on
13 Dec 2007 1:26:12 PM PST
Hmmmm....well I absolutely love that pizza! I have only been on a gluten free diet for 9 months, but I don't have a reaction to it at all! We use the plain cheese rice one and we doctor it up as it quite bland. We add red and yellow peppers, sun dried tomatoes, onions, and chicken breast to the top. I couldn't live without the stuff-in fact we had it last night for dinner. I only have it every couple of weeks, but have never had a problem like I do the next day after accidental gluten ingestion. It makes me feel not so deprived :)

Jo Ann

said this on
13 Dec 2007 6:12:41 PM PST
I tried the rice crust pizza yesterday for the first time. I ate only 1 slice then I read on the back of the box that the pizza is made in a facility that makes other things with wheat, etc. So that was it for me. I tossed it out. I didn't get sick, but I won't buy it again. Also Amy's gluten-free mac and cheese say's the same thing on the back of the box about being made in a facility that processes wheat, soy, nuts, etc.


said this on
13 Dec 2007 9:18:24 PM PST
Well, I have to admit that I do end up eating the whole thing by myself. And I though I am maybe be sort of lactose intolerant...milk/ cheese by themselves don't give me any pain or swelling, or etc etc. And since I do typically add my own ingredients too...well, there are variables. Ill post my homemade dough recipe. (from one of the books I think.) It's fantastic..


said this on
16 Dec 2007 11:32:28 AM PST
Hi Pete,
To be honest, I have had similar result when eating the gluten-free pizzas. It has not just happened with the Amy's, but with others also. I have gotten an upset stomach directly after eating the pizza's, and therefore have reverted back to just eating the pizza that my grandmother makes for me. I have been on a gluten free diet for 3 years (this coming Christmas Eve), and I haven't had a reaction like this to anything else labeled gluten-free. To contradict the lactose argument, I eat frozen yogurt every day, so I am most definitely not lactose intolerant. I would suggest buying a mix and making it yourself. It's the only way to know for sure...

I hope this helps. Good luck.


said this on
17 Dec 2007 6:03:41 AM PST
My family of 5 is all Celiac and we are all very reactive. We eat this pizza (cheese and spinach) at least once a week and we all love it and have never gotten sick. We do doctor them up but so far, none of us have gotten ill.


said this on
17 Dec 2007 10:12:04 AM PST
All of Amy's products are made in a facility that manufactures gluten containing products too! There is a chance for cross contamination, which shocks me that it can be labeled gluten free!


said this on
17 Dec 2007 12:27:38 PM PST
Before my partner and I were both diagnosed with celiac disease, we never liked frozen boxed pizza, and that didn't change after the diagnosis! We have tried Amy's rice crust pizza and dislike the taste and just make our own crust at home as it's very easy to do. We both have relatively the same sensitivity level, and I actually get the dermatitis herpetaformis rash, but we seem to not be bothered by any 'facility' cross contamination, and neither of us had a reaction to the Amy's pizza, and we've tried it twice. Gillian's also makes frozen pizza dough that comes in a ball that you thaw and roll out. Not as good as homemade in our opinion, but better than Amy's, and great when you are in a hurry.


said this on
19 Dec 2007 3:32:34 PM PST
Yes, I love Amy's pizza but I get a huge reaction. Its very depressing.


said this on
20 Nov 2010 11:44:17 AM PST
Have you guys tried Contes gluten free pizza? It's less expensive than Amy's and has a great texture and flavor. Google search them.
Good luck.
P.S. Sometimes sorghum is used in pizza dough - unfortunately, my son and I have the same reaction to sorghum as we do to gluten.

Carol Frilegh

said this on
21 Dec 2007 4:35:50 AM PST
Although rice and potato are permitted on the Gluten Free diet, some people cannot digest them very well. That's why I have to adhere to the SCD which is gluten free.

I make my pizza crust at home with egg, ALMOND flour (which is just finely ground skinless blanched almonds) olive oil and basil and oregano. I sometimes add true Italian Parmigano Regiano cheese (on the SCD we use dairy that is aged and has added bacterial cultures so the lactose gets consumed) People with a true casein intolerance avoid the dairy which is not mandatory on SCD. The casein does get denatured in our homemade yogurt. The casein molecule experiences a change in it's dimension.

I cannot use Bob's Red Mill Almond flour as it is ground on machines that process grain as well. Even though the machines are cleaned and the first fifty pounds of almond flour discarded, I still react.

Pizza can also be homemade with a hamburger crust.


said this on
22 Dec 2007 11:40:12 AM PST
Your symptoms sound like my reaction to soy ... swelling, inflated, and digestive discomfort. It is not uncommon for celiacs to also be allergic to either dairy (casein) or soy. You may want to have your sensitivity checked through Enterolab where they can do a fecal study and tell you what you are really sensitive to. You can find them on the Web.


said this on
26 Dec 2007 9:19:21 AM PST
I am 42 and used to have a cast iron stomach. I was diagnosed as celiac a year and a half ago, and not given ANY direction or support by my doctor. Up until a week ago I had no idea how to get help, and didn't slow down my chaotic life to research and just went with what I found on the computer at GNC 2 years ago, which helped me figure out that there was an allergy in the first place. The info index at GNC said that a gluten allergy included rice, potatoes, corn, peas, beans and legumes, as well as wheat -ANYTHING that can be used to thicken. All of these give me pain, and exhaust me. I have found that the shorter grain the rice, the more pain it gives me, and the more immediate the reaction is also. A couple of weeks ago, my neighbors blessed me with installing a wireless internet card so I could use their internet, as I'm quite strapped for funds, and I've been researching nightly since. Through the celiac sites I have discovered, I have been hit with the seriousness of the situation, and have learned there's this 'initial recovery period' everyone refers to, and have no sure idea how long it's supposed to last, how I am supposed to eat for optimal results, or any of the like. I assume its a 'back off' period where you are extremely kind to your intestine so it can rest, and then you can reintroduce allowed carbs. I hope I am right in assuming that since it takes 30 days to detox from gluten, that this period is supposed to last at least that long. I have just found a good store here in Salt Lake City that is a gluten free store, called Against The Grain, but since I am reactive to all the 'allowed' foods, I'm a little timid about trying any of them. I have found that other celiacs also report that they cannot digest sugars properly, have a skin rash that doctors have said is a yeast infection in their skin, both, I have as well, and thought the internet, have discovered why the medication the doctor prescribed for the skin rash isn't contains gluten! As a matter of fact, half of the medications I have in the cabinet contain gluten. No wonder I have gotten progressively ill over the years to the point of disability. I love to cook, and now have a lot of questions about all the chemicals, preservative and processing terms on the food packaging & seasonings. What changes these cause in the foods that would otherwise be gluten free.

Marie Jeno

said this on
22 Jan 2008 12:11:54 PM PST
I think you may be lactose intolerant like the rest of us, bro!


said this on
01 Feb 2008 11:44:34 AM PST
I have had the same problem with other gluten-free Amy's products -- even the non dairy varieties. As soon as I eat them I get sick. I have heard that some celiacs are also sensitive to soy and the symptoms are similar...


said this on
31 Jan 2008 6:05:12 PM PST
I, too, get sick from Amy's Pizza. Very disappointing


said this on
18 Feb 2008 11:01:53 AM PST
I'm a 25 year old, and like you Pete I have yet to be diagnosed. I have not yet tried the Amy's Gluten-free pizza, but I have it in the freezer and I'm likely going to try it next week. I really don't know what will happen as right now I'm just in the testing stage as its only for me been almost 2 weeks on a gluten-free diet, but I believe you when you say you got a reaction, but then I'm also thinking maybe there is 'hidden' ingredients within the pizza itself, even thogh it does clearly say GLUTEN-FREE. Anyways take care and god bless


said this on
18 Feb 2008 9:50:22 AM PST
I just tried Amy's plain cheese gluten free (rice crust) pizza last night...and 1) I thought it tasted so horrible I ate maybe 1/4 of it and threw the rest out. and 2) I ended up getting very sick to my stomach about an hour and a half later. which is typical for me when I eat gluten. Here's the kicker, I KNOW I am lactose intolerant, and took my Lactaid pills--to no avail. So, I'm not sure what's going on with this brand, and maybe it IS simply because of cross contamination. Perhaps some of us are much more sensitive to cross contamination than others. But I will certainly not buy this brand again.


said this on
22 Apr 2008 1:07:57 PM PST
I haven't had any problems with Amy's products, love them! however I am only gluten intolerant, I have no problems with lactose or soy.


said this on
21 Jul 2008 9:40:08 PM PST
I haven't tried the pizza, but I have gotten sick from Amy's tamale and Amy's enchiladas. After that, I gave up.


said this on
21 Jul 2008 9:30:08 AM PST
I tried Amy's pizza as well, while it tasted delicious, it made me very sick, my stomach and abdomen swelled so badly thought it was going to pop. Won't be eating Amy's products again.


said this on
30 Sep 2008 6:42:57 PM PST
Tried it, didn't like it, but didn't get sick.


said this on
18 May 2009 10:34:57 PM PST
The label notes that it is made in a factory that processes wheat products. I too have gotten sick the few times I have had it so I am betting on cross contamination.


said this on
24 Jul 2009 9:33:35 AM PST
Me and another guy I know have had problems with Amy's products. Even a soup that is dairy, gluten, and soy free gave me a reaction and I was sick for days. I tried another product and even took some enzymes to help digest gluten and dairy, just in case it had been cross contaminated, and I didn't have a reaction but felt sick to my stomach all day. I don't see how products made in the same factory as gluten containing products can be labeled gluten free. I am going to play it safe and steer clear of Amy's products. I can't afford to be sick for days, it's just not worth the risk.

Brent Bielema

said this on
14 Dec 2009 9:41:21 PM PST
They're coming out with a gluten-free, lactose-free pizza -- but we'll have to wait for January to get it. I wish they had some gluten-free roasted vegetable pockets too. Hope this helps!


said this on
21 Feb 2010 8:31:52 PM PST
I have DH (the crazy-itchy skin variant of Celiac) and after eating half of Amy's frozen cheese pizza tonight I noticed some tiny tingling -- and later full-out blistering -- on my fingers, letting me know this product is contaminated. So, as your proverbial canary in the coal mine, I say don't eat this if you know what's good for you! And shame on all of us for not heeding the "made in a facility that processes wheat" warning! [Blame it on foolhardy optimism, and love of pizza in a previous life.] I'm just coming off of 5 months recovering from intense reactions to General Mills allegedly "Gluten Free" Rice Chex -- another stinker, but without the facilities warning. Reported them to the FDA, whose tests revealed that their product is in compliance -- which means no more than 20 PPM [parts per million] of Gluten. But it's there, I can assure you; some of us are more sensitive. And, unfortunately, we cannot even trust our government's labeling "Gluten Free" -- which does NOT mean "100% Gluten Free." We must rely on our common sense, and each other. [And, sadly, not on Amy or her pizza; I'm giving my other half to a friend.] Caveat emptor.


said this on
01 Mar 2010 5:26:10 AM PST
I suspected that I was having reactions to Amy's products (many different ones, different tamales, casserole bowls, etc), but I was hesitant to say that I was definitely reacting to them, until yesterday.
I was feeling awesome, so I figured I would try an experiment. I ate one of their mexican casserole bowls, which was literally just beans, corn, cheese, and sauce. Within 2 hours, I had (what is for me) a mild reaction; abdominal cramps and diarrhea. Every time I have one of their products, within 2 hours I feel like crap.
I also had one of their gluten free soy cheese and spinach pizzas about a month ago, and within 30 minutes, I felt extremely nauseous, like I was going to throw up. It's a bummer, because I do like their stuff, I just don't like what it does to me.


said this on
17 Jun 2010 9:19:57 AM PST
I too get sick after some of Amy's products. Dairy-free doesn't seem to make the difference. It's got to be cross-contamination and it's a mine field. Short of making a list and checking it twice, I'm at a loss. Decided after reading these posts to avoid all of them for a while.


said this on
05 Sep 2010 7:13:48 AM PST
I am at a point where I eat hardly any processed foods, even gluten-free ones, but one convenience that I indulged in from time to time was Amy's mild salsa (also dairy-free and soy-free and with very few ingredients). I have suspected that it was not totally gluten-free, but now I am sure that it can't be. I am super sensitive to cross contamination, it's true, but still I had the rumbling in the stomach, pain, and D two times this week after eating it, whereas I'd been perfectly fine the rest of the week. I will stay away from this salsa and her other products from now on, especially after reading that many others have reacted to them as well.


said this on
24 Sep 2010 10:05:01 AM PST
Add mine to the households avoiding Amy's. Hubby has Celiac and is very sensitive to cross-contamination. Bought some of Amy's enchiladas last week & I didn't notice the "facilities" warning until I was putting them in the freezer. Just ate one of them while reading Amy's webpage--very unimpressed with their gluten-free manufacturing processes. It seems like they don't know or work with anyone who actually has Celiac.

Fortunately, I'm gluten-free by choice & for convenience--hubby's the cook in our household--so I'll eat them for lunch instead of tossing them. Won't be purchasing from Amy's again though.


said this on
12 Nov 2010 5:01:27 PM PST
Tonight I just bought my first Amy's product. The Pesto pizza. After the first few bites I felt like I needed to throw up and ran to the sink. I don't understand because the pizza taste Really good. PLUS I can eat gluten, milk, cheese ..mostly anything and not get sick. So its strange that I am getting sick of this product


said this on
26 Dec 2010 2:54:17 PM PST
I am not diagnosed with celiac, but my stomach problems are a lot better when I avoid breads (and grains). This fall I had a trial week of completely gluten free (not even a trace amount). I bought an Amy's frozen pizza, and some brand of gluten free pasta to make it more fun. I felt so sick. I couldn't believe I was being so careful, and felt so horrible.
I was terribly disappointed. I am not confident that I can eat rice, or corn, and I usually only eat white sweet potatoes, so maybe it was flour from one of those, or some processing ingredient that caused my problem.
I know I am fine with dairy (vanilla ice cream, and bland cheeses are safety foods for me). Soy is a problem.


said this on
11 Jan 2011 5:43:24 PM PST
Pete, I could not agree with you more about Amy's Rice Crust Pizza. I have been GF for 3+years, yet I still LOVE pizza. Every time I eat the rice crust Amy's pizza I have the same reaction - nausea, bloating, cramps, etc. It is awful and for some reason I seem to forget this when I'm in the market and I've bought them several times! When desperate, I cook them and regret it dearly. I plan to only do make it yourself with pizza crusts (Udi's makes a good one).
I am not convinced that product does not contain wheat. Beware!!


said this on
18 Apr 2011 7:31:39 PM PST
False advertising. If the words 'gluten free' are written in big letters on the front of the box, it should mean that there is no cross contamination with wheat products. Please beware that this product has been manufactured in the same equipment as wheat products. This product is not what it states. Amy's - either produce this product on wheat free equipment or remove the gluten free label on the box. I gave this to my 3 year old son who has celiac disease and wish I didn't. He started showing his behavior problems the next day.


said this on
24 Apr 2011 6:37:27 PM PST
I ate Amys pizza lactose free and gluten free and woke up that night in a lot of pain and had diarrhea...I thought I would give it a second try yesterday with ( Amy's gluten, lactose and soy free mac and cheese) within 30 min I was bloated with bad cramps and again diarrhea. I am not sure whats the issue, but I am super bummed and annoyed.


said this on
27 Aug 2011 7:44:36 AM PST
Often, the cellulose, the xanthum gum, or the guar gum can cause intestinal upset. It is better to just eat foods that have not been processed. Don't try to substitute for wheat bread. It is impossible.


said this on
20 Oct 2011 9:26:12 AM PST
My son just made himself some Annie's mac and cheese and found what looked exactly like a "regular" noodle mixed up with the rice noodles. I think we're done with Annie's, I'll stick to Tinkyada noodles with my own cheese sauce


said this on
26 Nov 2011 8:02:46 PM PST
Amy's should be advertising only that the product isn't made with gluten containing ingredients, not that it is gluten free!

Eric Davis

said this on
29 Jan 2012 9:32:21 AM PST
I've tried Amy's GF pizza three times, and each time spent the next 10 days dealing with my set of gluten induced symptoms. I don't understand it because when I make pizza from scratch, I use similar ingredients, except for the sunflower seed meal and soy lecithin, whatever that is. I'm lactose intolerant, but with a few Lactaid pills can usually handle a little cheese. Not with Amy's. I like my pizza better anyway, but sometimes the convenience of pre-made is nice.


said this on
29 Jan 2012 10:45:07 PM PST
I have been celiac for 28 years and I am very sensitive to gluten. Also can't eat soy. I LOVE Amy's products and couldn't live without them!!! I eat the ones that are gluten free and soy free and have NEVER had the slightest reaction to any of the ones I've tried. I think Amy's products are delicious!!!


said this on
02 Mar 2012 1:57:11 PM PST
Pete, I get terrible stomachaches and bloating from Amy's brand gluten free foods too. I'm not sure what the ingredient is that is causing the problem, but there is something in there that is causing a reaction.


said this on
24 Jun 2012 2:50:47 PM PST
I had a serious allergic reaction to this pizza recently. I am not diagnosed with celiac disease but I do have a true wheat allergy, as well as other food allergies. I generally try to eat gluten-free at home as much as I can for my health. I had eaten this pizza years ago so I thought I'd try it again when finding it recently. Immediately after eating 2 pieces I got a sick feeling and threw up repeatedly over the course of about an hour. Then I broke out in hives on my face, chest and stomach and was later sick to my stomach. I took a Zyrtec since I knew that was an antihistime. I am not sure what exactly in this pizza caused the reaction. I wonder if it was a combination of things or perhaps a reaction to the sunflower seed meal, as this is the only ingredient I see listed that I might not eat regularly. It is very scary to have a reaction like this to something I thought was safe.


said this on
29 Jun 2012 9:53:12 PM PST
I am lactose (but not gluten) intolerant. I just tried Amy's soy mac and cheese for the second time today, and had my second bad reaction. I checked the box the first time, and saw no milk or whey. I checked again, and did see casein on the label. I looked that up, but I can't be casein intolerant... I don't think. I can handle lactose-free milk and sour cream just fine, and they contain casein. My symptoms were mild, and would definitely make sense if cross-contamination were the issue. Only Amy's soy mac could have caused my symptoms. Sounds like I will be avoiding this brand. I hope you all have luck trying out other brands too!


said this on
27 Jul 2012 7:18:05 PM PST
I tried the cheese pizza with the rice crust and it flew through me! I do not have a problem with lactose or cheese or any of the listed ingredients so it must be some kind of contamination.

said this on
23 Oct 2012 5:23:02 PM PST
I AM NEVER AND I DO MEAN never purchasing anything made by Amy's again. I have had 4 allergic reactions (including hives) and have narrowed it down to their foods. Are they trying to poison us? I am not allergic to anything except full milk. But I am in misery for 4 hours with hives after eating Amy's ??? As a PhD in Physics and an ex-paramedic I can narrow down the field. There is something in this food that is WRONG!


said this on
22 Dec 2012 2:28:46 PM PST
I agree! I was so appreciative of the Amy's brand when I was diagnosed last April. However, after stocking up on a variety of items last month (frozen burritos, soups, mac n cheese), I rechecked the labels as I have become more vigilant...AND on the back of their large GLUTEN-FREE label on the front of their products, it says clearly that it is made in a facility that also processes WHEAT! Arggh! I threw it all out


said this on
05 Mar 2013 4:55:55 AM PST
I bought and ate the frozen pizza marked gluten free that Amy's makes and although delayed, hours later in the middle of a deep sleep, I woke with terrible gastrointestinal issues. I had to go to the bathroom repeatedly and had cramps and severe nausea. I haven't felt this sick in months since giving up gluten. I will never again buy anything from the Amy's brand... I felt more terrible than it's worth. How disappointing to think it is gluten-free and end up poisoned, just the same.


said this on
21 Mar 2013 10:50:02 AM PST
The first time I had Amy's gluten-free pizza (cheese / spinach flavors) I didn't have a reaction. But the second time (last night)... ugh. It was the gluten-free margherita pizza. I've been having belly cramps and the runs since dinner last night. I am avoiding this brand from now on.

Deb Ellis

said this on
20 Jun 2014 2:53:33 PM PST
I have had horrible reactions to Amy's GF products as well. I haven't tried the pizza, but have had the bowls ... and each time within about 15 - 20 minutes I am doubled over with abdominal pain and fight D for the next 24 hours.

I love the flavor, but it just isn't worth it.


said this on
02 Jul 2014 3:59:02 PM PST
I'm starting to think I need to stop buying them. Last night I made an Amy's burrito for dinner. I'm not diagnosed or anything and I went to my guys house. I had diarrhea all night and most of the morning today, very bad gas and cramps, and broke out in a hot sweat. Tried the enchilada meal today, it tasted horrible, yuck.


said this on
06 Jul 2014 4:18:22 AM PST
I ate the gluten free-dairy free spinach rice crust pizza last night and within three hours was very ill, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. I haven't had a reaction to food in over a year and the last time was with Amy's gf-df macaroni and cheese. I actually think they may be putting the wrong products in the boxes that look so similar. I just emailed them with a complaint. I will never try any of their foods again.


said this on
13 Jan 2016 10:33:47 AM PST
I gave my son Amy's Mac & cheese last night for dinner for the first time. He said it was yummy and ate it all. He was up all night long with diarrhea and vomiting. Today, he still feels sick and won't eat anything. I had to keep him home from school. He has no fever. What is in that stuff?!


said this on
30 May 2016 2:54:53 AM PST
I have never been to this website but had to google "Getting sick after Amy's Gluten Free Pizza" tonight because I have been feeling so sick. What on earth? Happy to find a forum and confirm that the pizza is most likely what caused it. Incredibly disappointing. I have really liked her products and clearly they are so easy to make but why isn't the company working to fix this if it is publicly such a problem? They are often the only things in the "GLUTEN FREE" frozen section at major grocery chains and health food stores carry them. Very dishonest marking. Hopefully will be feeling better soon.


said this on
04 Oct 2017 11:32:36 AM PST
I love Amy's burritos. No problem with those and have not tried any other products. So thought I would try the pizza. Became ill like all of you. I am only allergic to "flour" and not gluten. I am going to guess that there is a heavy amount of soy in this product as I am also allergic to soy. It is used as a filler so often. Never thought to look for it on the ingredient list. Freshetta is a brand that I have tried and do ok. I do occasionally have flour and do not react as violently as I did with Amy's pizza. I believe it has to be soy. Will check ingredients next time in the grocery store.


said this on
11 Dec 2017 9:27:04 PM PST
I found this thread after getting sickened from eating Amy's Chinese Noodles and Veggies. I was going to a family holiday get together and they were ordering Chinese, so I figured this was a last minute solution. It made me so sick! So bloated and my stomach has been hurting non-stop for over 24 hours now. It started about an hour after I ate that meal. I am usually cautious, but obviously not enough, because I didn't read the entire package before I ate it. Amy's foods are deceptive because they say GLUTEN FREE in big letters on the front of the box, but in tiny letters on the side it says it's made in a facility that processes foods containing wheat. There is obviously a big problem with cross contamination if so many are getting sickened. I´m so disappointed with this company. They should take the gluten free label off the front of the box.

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