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Protecting Yourself in Travel

First let me thank those of you who have responded to my blog!  This is my first and only blog attempt and to find out that people are reading it is really quite exhilarating!  The advice is quite welcome and interesting as well. 

I am currently in the UK and doing better on this trip than I have on any other travel in recent past.  As an erstwhile traveler with 27 countries in my travelogue, I was very unhappy to experience serious outbreaks on my recent trips.  My worst experience was in China 2 years ago when I ended up in the hospital with a severe skin outbreak that was on my right forearm...painful, pussy and quite ugly, it left scars.  I figured out that feathers caused that problem.  Since then I have all feathers removed from every hotel room.  Even if you tell them upon registration, you often have to ask upon arrival and then call housekeeping after you get into the room. 

I've also learned to bring a mattress barrier and a pillow barrier that are permanent residents of my suitcase.  I found a product that I use at home and on travel called MiteNix.  This obliterates dust mites and I carry a small spray bottle with me when I's one of my 3-1-1 containers on the plane because upholstered airplane seats can cause an outbreak.  My best friend found a seat cover for airlines and
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i carry this with me as well.  I find it works very well and is very easy to use. 

As for restaurant food, I have been able to stay gluten-free quite well by sticking to meat and vegetable combinations. 

It has become easier to avoid the triggers lately but I suffered for four years.  If my blog can help anyone reduce or avoid such problems I will consider myself successful.

I've also learned to wear socks or slippers in hotel rooms to keep my feet from swelling. 

My treatments from the naturopath have been working pretty well.  She restricted sugar and alcohol, caffeine along with bread and gluten and other items I appear to be reacting to.  In addition I'm taking DHist, InflamX and several homeopathic treatments along with Vitamin D which is apparently low. 

Drinking lots of water is also essential to flush toxins from the body, but in particular especially important for me.  Thus I keep a bottle of water with me most times. 

To anyone suffering from this condition, take heart, life doesn't have to feel deprived...just altered. 

I will say that I miss bread and my trip to France was particularly poignant as I watched others consume crepes and french bread which I love.  I managed to not eat them and be satisfied with enjoying the rest of the wonderful cuisine.  I have lost some weight..and I suppose that is something of a consolation. 

Happy travels to you all!

As always, welcomes your comments (see below).

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MelissaNZ, Has your daughter been checked for vitamin deficiencies??? Vitamin D deficiency symptoms include urinary incontinence, oral candidiasis (thrush), skin rashes, bumps on the backs of arms, joint pain, distended stomach and short stature. Bones can't grow much without vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency causes delayed gastric emptying (food doesn't move through the gastrointestinal tract at a normal speed and the intestines bloat) which explains your daughter's delayed reaction to the cake. Vitamin A deficiency is also a cause of bumps on the back of the arms. Vitamin A deficiency causes vision problems. Vitamin A and D are both fat soluble vitamins. Absorption of fats is a problem for Celiacs. So is absorption of B vitamins and important minerals. B Complex vitamins are water soluble and must be replenished every day. Skin rashes are associated with several B vitamins like niacin (B3), B12, and thiamine (B1). I went through a period of severe malnutrition prior to diagnosis. It was not a pleasant experience. I had symptoms similar to your daughter's, including the incontinence, which resolved on vitamin D supplementation. Please, please have your daughter tested for vitamin D deficiency. And have her B vitamins checked as well. Celiac Disease causes malabsorption. Malabsorption causes deficiency diseases. Newly diagnosed Celiacs need to be checked for deficiencies. I hope this helps.

I will try to make my long story short, I have been searching my whole life for a diagnosis, I have seen pretty much every doctor possible I even went through a spinal tap recently because they thought I had multiple sclerosis, when I was younger I was always throwing up and having stomach problems, a couple hospital visits they thought I had appendicitis, I started having a neurological symptoms as well as anxiety and depression, The fatigue was just over bearing, I was having numbness and tingling and muscle spasms all the time eventually started having seizures, which kind of cycled through and stop happening after a couple months, and then it dawned upon me my brother has celiac pretty severely, my grandmother also has celiac, my dad does as well, I don't know why I never thought that it could be my issue, for the last week I have Been gluten-free and steering clear of cross-contamination, my dizziness is improved my fatigue is improved as well as rashes I was getting on my arms and sides, I have no more muscle jerks or spasms, The problem is I have horrible insurance and I cannot afford testing, so I am at least trying to do it an home blood test, I know it's not very accurate on telling me if I have celiac or not, But the thought I may never know for sure if I have it is very daunting. My family keeps telling me you don't need to spend thousands of dollars to have a doctor tell you you can't eat something you already know you can't. Just was wondering if anybody else has been in my position and seeing if anybody has a vi just was wondering if anybody else has been in my position and seeing if anybody has advice, I don't want to be known as one of those people who believe they have something and people with the disease frown upon them it's a very scary thing to think about.

...ON a side note this is quite easy, you can make your own out of any gluten-free Bread mix, I recently started using a coconut flour blend for this.......Most often people associate caraway with Rye Bread so you just add caraway seeds to the dough and a bit more vinegar to sour it a tad and BAM gluten-free Rye Bread knock off. I think Authentic Foods even has a additive to put in bread mixes to make it taste like Rye Bread....Or you can buy it preamade, I have issues with all the other ingredients but as for one of the best gluten-free Breads out the Canyon House makes a Rye like bread

Took me less than a minute, although why did they need our addy and phone?

As mentioned before you said she had rashes, have they checked if that is DH? That is a positive sign of celiac and those with the DH manifestation can have problems getting a postive with the gut biopsy. Here are some links. Please read up on this. She can get the rash tested for the disease if it is DH.