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No popular articles found. Sponsors: Thanks Elisabeth Hasselbeck for Raising Celiac Disease Awareness

Very few people have the star power that Elisabeth Hasselbeck of ABC's The View commands, and among those who do have it even fewer put this power to positive use. Over the past two days Elisabeth has openly discussed celiac disease and the gluten-free diet extensively on ABC's The View, and on CNN's Larry King Live.

Elisabeth's appearances are timed to promote her new book: The G-Free Diet: A Gluten-Free Survival Guide, which is now a national best seller.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck is Gluten-FreeI have no doubt that millions of people
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who have never heard of celiac disease or the gluten-free diet will be made aware of both due to her promotional efforts, and this will lead to thousands of people getting diagnosed and treated—many who might otherwise have never discovered their problem—or discovered it too late.

I encourage everyone to support Elisabeth's decision to publicize her condition by buying a copy of her book.

I would also like to personally thank her for not doing what many stars with such a condition might do—hide from it. Thank you for hitting your problem head on—and for being brave enough to hit a home run on The View and Larry King Live!

The G-Free
A Gluten-Free Survival Guide

As always, welcomes your comments (see below).

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6 Responses:


said this on
07 May 2009 10:24:13 PM PDT
I agree. Elizabeth has significantly increased awareness through her interview on Larry King and discussions on The View. Many individuals are misdiagnosed or given incomplete diagnoses that only identify the symptoms, not the cause. Hopefully, many will be diagnosed with celiac disease due to Elizabeth's promotional efforts. Thank you Elizabeth!


said this on
06 Jun 2009 11:08:00 AM PDT
I also applaud Elizabeth for her efforts. I just bought the book and can't wait to read it. I was only diagnosed 7 months ago (I'm 48!) and am sick of doctor's lack of knowledge about this disease. I'm sure if there was a drug for celiac and the drug companies could profit things would be VERY different.


said this on
28 Jun 2009 7:07:12 PM PDT
I'm glad she increased the awareness. However, I have her book and I am very disappointed at all the incorrect data. Many will read it and be misled. I would like this disease to be taken seriously because when you call it 'an allergy', people expect a sudden visible reaction. When they don't see that, they assume that you are a closet hypochondriac. The gluten-free diet is also not a weight loss solution. This disease is life-threatening to those who are walking around misdiagnosed with negative celiac blood tests.


said this on
31 Jan 2010 9:21:14 AM PDT
I agree. I had lost 20 lbs before anyone found that I had celiac sprue disease. My doctors thought it was IBS, site effects of medication I was on etc. I had severe stomach pain, diarrhea,thyroid problems, sugar problems. Until they sent me for my 7 year Colon, Endo Screening. They found it on my colonoscopy and lab work. My levels were 70 times more than normal. It is very hard to find foods that agree with me. I am also a Cancer Patient. Also I have found that these foods are very expensive. It is a very serious Disease and Mine had gone undetected for so many years, that my small intestines were eat up. I have been on this diet for about 4 weeks now and it is hard to eat out or snack. I have found that I carry snack things with me. I just wish these foods were more reasonably priced. I love the frozen waffles, choc chip cookies, Tap Bread. But my prices are limited.


said this on
18 Apr 2010 5:59:25 PM PDT
Elisabeth is a heroine. I'm a total liberal, and some things just transcend politics, religion, race, and anything else. She proves it. I'll always love her for bravely speaking out on celiac. It's especially brave because she's a woman who talks about "bathroom issues." It's easier for men to talk about that. I love Elisabeth.

Pat Swanson

said this on
27 Nov 2010 5:38:53 AM PDT
I applaud Elizabeth for coming public about her condition. I do ask for money saving tips for feeding an 11 year old. Crackers over $6 a box don't cut it. What about bread for sandwiches? Being new to this disease I am thoroughly perplexed.

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