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Petition to Add Rye & Barley to Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) List of Common Allergens

You may have recently seen my blog asking for comments on my FDA petition to have FDA add rye and barley to the list of most common allergens that require disclosure on food labeling. The fact that FDA added wheat to that list without adding rye and barley is total idiocy, for as we know we are all just as allergic to the gluten of rye and barley as we are to wheat, and the omission of rye and barley causes great difficulty when shopping for food.

It has recently come to my attention that my petition did not actually get into the FDA's database until after the supposed closing date for comments. But it's not a real closing date; you can still post your comments and they will be considered.
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So please do so! The petition is at As you can see, Bonny Cancino and Kim Hopkins were able to leave comments as late as this month. Please, FDA needs many more comments in order to take this petition seriously. Please add your vote for this petition by leaving a comment. And remember to hit the submit button at the very end of your comment, or it won't actually get posted. Then there will apparently be a delay before it actually shows up. I'm not sure how long. But if it doesn't show up in about a week, re-post it, please!

As always, welcomes your comments (see below).

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3 Responses:


said this on
11 Jun 2009 5:59:13 AM PDT
This is a great idea! It would make life SO much easier. And it would've made life less overwhelming when I was first diagnosed. I hope this gets passed.


said this on
27 Sep 2009 6:34:10 AM PDT
Thanks for your comment. It would be even greater, however, if you could leave a comment at where "the powers that be" will read it. Only if we get enough positive comments THERE will action be taken!



said this on
02 Nov 2009 8:08:57 PM PDT

I would like to see the FDA regulate the allergen sesame and may also file a petition.

If you look in the food allergy section of the about dot com site, you may find a lot of info that might be helpful to you (sorry - this site won't let me post a link).


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Took me less than a minute, although why did they need our addy and phone?

As mentioned before you said she had rashes, have they checked if that is DH? That is a positive sign of celiac and those with the DH manifestation can have problems getting a postive with the gut biopsy. Here are some links. Please read up on this. She can get the rash tested for the disease if it is DH.

Thanks for your reply. I will get her retested. She hasn't had any gluten for a year and is very good at not eating it, but had some cake that night. It's so hard because the Dr who did the biopsy said there wasn't any damage so she can't be classed as Coeliacs. She had ten samples taken, but yes, like you say the intestines are huge.

Thank you for your informative reply. Yes I think you are right in that she is still getting dome cross contamination exposure through chopping boards, condiments etc. I will get her bloods redone to see if her levels have dropped and do a gluten challenge again. We all are on a whole foods diet, buy not all Gluten-Free. I find extended family difficult as because she had a negative biopsy they don't believe she could still possibly have it and aren't so careful with her. Thank you for the links, all very helpful.

Why do you make it so freaking hard to sign up? It's easier to find a replacement for rye bread!