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Gluten-Free Petition to Disclose Rye and Barley on Food Ingredient Labels

I sent a petition to include rye and barley and their derivatives in the list of Common Allergens that require disclosure in labeling. The following letter was sent by me today in response to one received from Barbara Schneeman at the FDA:

Barbara O. Schneeman, Director
Office of Nutrition, Labeling and Dietary Supplements
Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
Harvey W. Wiley Building HS820
5100 Paint Branch Parkway
College Park, MD 20740-3835

Ref: Docket No. FDA-2008-P-0509-0001/CP

Dear Dr. Schneeman:

Thank you for your letter dated May 28, 2009 concerning the above docket number, to amend the FFD&C Act. I was not aware that only Congress can amend this act. However, they have done so before and surely can again. So my question to you is: Is there someone else I need to write to in order to get action on this? My congressmen perhaps? Is there a separate petition to Congress that I need to make? Or can you get this subitted to Congress yourselves? What is the next necessary step?

In the meantime, please hold this petition open for continuing comments. I did not see this petition posted in the online database until after I requested status on it, which was just over 6 months after I had sent it to you. Then I was told that somehow it had not gotten into the database, and that was rectified at that time. However by then the official date for comments had passed. I do see that some people are now beginning to see it in the database and are beginning to leave positive comments on it. I want you to permit people to continue to comment on it under the circumstances.

Shopping for safe foods for the celiac diet will continue to be filled with peril until Congress amends this act to include rye and barley in the FFD&C Act. Please let me know what I can do to press this action forward.

Hallie J. Davis

As always, welcomes your comments (see below).

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1 Response:

Toby Shubert

said this on
16 Oct 2009 2:05:05 PM PDT
Thanks Hallie for your Key West info...we live in Islamorada and love to go to Key West for dinner or overnight. All your info will be helpful to me as a fellow Celiac!

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Well thanks everyone seriously. I'm sure this will get better and I'm thankful this reaction is normal. So guilty when I think of others worse off than me. I will read and read and read until I've taught myself to feel better. And then help others ((((hugs all around)))

I'm curious to hear updates on your EC condition. Thanks

@Larkie how are you lips doing now? Have you found something that worked for you yet? I'm curious and eager for updates from anyone who overcame this condition. Thanks

The fullness of the Eucharist is found in the wine alone. However, glutenfreewatchdog did an article on the low gluten hosts recently. She tested a single host from the Benedictine sisters and found it to contain 0.0017 mg of gluten. Compare that to the 0.57mg found in a piece of gluten free brea...

You make me want to go to Montreal just to get croissants. I love a warm croissant with ham and swiss, melted, then lettuce, tomato and honey dijon mustard. Yum! I hear Schar sells croissants now. Will have to try once I get better.