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Christmas Presents

Okay so me and my boyfriend totally cheated and opened our Christmas presents early! since it is after all just us and our dogs, neither of us has family out here in North Carolina, so we decided what the heck...Anyhow to the point, he is the sweetest, he got me the book, Living Gluten Free For Dummies!!! now a lot of people laughed when i told them that is what he got me, but i absolutely love it! It shows that he put some thought in to his gift, and that he wants to help me be successful in going gluten free! I guess people who can eat it all just dont understand, also my
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boss went to a Mediterranean store here in Fayetteville and bought me a bunch of gluten free food for my present, again people laughed, but I absolutely love it! its nice that the people around me are so thoughtful and willing to put out the money so I can live a healthier life. For those of you who are just starting gluten free diets, I suggest this book, it has a few recipes, there is also many gluten free cook books which are next on my list. I have only read a few chapters from this book and have already learned so much from it. I hope all of you have an amazing holiday season! and a blessed new year!


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No anti-sm(lupus)? Yes, anti dsDNA is for SLE(lupus). No ENA panel,anti-RNP, anti-SS-A, anti-SS-B, anti histone, scl-70, etc? I'd ask for a referral, if you feel that there is something going on. I think that would be a logical step because of the positive ANA and lack of investigation. 1:640 is ...

My MCH is always high too. Have some other oddities but doc always say labs are great as well. I dont think they ever really bother with the MCH. I'm also in testing and showed negative on the same ones you did. My IGA is fine though. As far as the other tests, maybe your girls GI can order or yo...

Hi there! I follow a low histamine diet that Cycling Lady brought to my attention a long time ago. Citrus fruits and their juices are histamine releasing foods. High histamine levels can cause hives just like in an allergic reaction. Here's a helpful site: https://www.histaminein...

Thank you! Exactly!

No, no, no! Don't cut yourself off from your friends and social life because you feel you can't eat what everyone else is eating! I can't think of a single bar or restaurant I've been to where I haven't found something to eat. It may not always be what I would like to order/eat, but I'm not si...