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The Chronic Prostatitis and Celiac Disease Connection

I'm writing a book about the bladder, and one of the points I came across in my research, perhaps not too surprisingly, is a link between gluten intolerance and/or celiac disease and chronic prostatitis in men.  I've also run across a comment posted regarding this link on the gluten-free forum on this site, but I really want to learn more about this link to document it for
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the book.  So, what I'm wondering, and asking, is if anyone would be willing to share their story with me?  My guess is that chronic prostatitis often exists concurrently with other symptoms more typical of gluten reactions, and that going on a gluten free diet helps those symptoms, with the added, although unexpected, benefit on the prostate.  Can anyone help me out?  All confidentiality will be protected.

As always, welcomes your comments (see below).

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33 Responses:


said this on
13 Oct 2009 12:04:29 PM PST
Interesting. My husband has gluten intolerance (not dx celiac, we just went off gluten when my son - adopted - did, and both found that we had problems if we consumed gluten when away from home. His father had prostate cancer and eventually died when it reached his liver.

His brother has chronic prostatitis and kidney stones. He has had prostate infections that have required hospitalization, iv antibiotics, and surgery. He does not follow a gluten free diet, and I wonder if he is celiac.


said this on
07 Nov 2009 8:11:16 AM PST
Hi, just thought I would mention that I just read an article that says that Interstitial cystitis, in both men and women, is caused by having celiac disease. I have Interstitial cystitis and my mother has both celiac disease and Interstitial Cystitis, therefore I no longer consume gluten. Interstitial cystitis in men can also be confused with chronic prostatitis from what I have read.


said this on
17 Nov 2009 5:34:20 PM PST
Can you tell me what article it was that says about the connections with IC and prostatitis. This is so interesting and just the links I am looking for.


said this on
04 Sep 2010 12:38:14 AM PST
Hello Anselma,
I just read your post from November 2009 about you reading of the connections with IC, prostatitis and coeliac disease. My late teenage son has inflammatory bladder IC, and prostate inflammation and had IBS as young child. He was always checked for coeliac and always negative both on biopsy and all blood tests. We have gone round in circles for years trying to find a solution to all this terrible illness. IC is appalling. Do you know anymore on this about coeliac or gluten sensitivity. None of the doctors will ever recognise this at all.

Jason Beeson

said this on
17 Oct 2013 6:31:35 PM PST
Sad to hear this. Very young for him to be experiencing these things; unfortunately if the tests are negative, it may be a sensitivity that could still be displaying itself in these problems. I returned from my mission (LDS) to find that I couldn't have wheat without getting a slow feeling in my stomach, or a small irritation. It eventually turned to be a huge problem, and I went off of wheat altogether, and that helped. The problem was, I eventually had to cut out all corn products, and all processed sugars.... I went into an old doctor and she felt my stomach and said, you're not allergic to these things and you have IBS. Unconvinced I had the tests done and they were all negative as well. She said go on Citrucel for six months and she was right! I could eat everything again. The problem was, that three years later, the same problems arose in companion with prostatitis (34 years old -- also unusual). I have gone off of gluten for the last two weeks, and I am feeling much better (again) both in my stomach and peeing (tell-tell the infection is gone)... While the correlation may not be proven (yet) be aware that I have experienced some correlation thus far (and in research, they really don't have a definitive cause for prostatitis nor a good cure -- antibiotics keep it at bay, but they say it just has to 'go away'. 6 months of antibiotics has helped for me, but 2 weeks of no gluten and I'm almost feeling back to normal... was it the antibiotics? was it the disease going away? was it prayer (yes, this, but we have to do our best first ;) ) I know that gluten intolerance causes inflammation, and because I did knew that I thought, gee, maybe this has a correlation... hence stumbling on this blog. Good luck to all you out there, and know that the doctors don't know perfectly, they're trying their best, we have some good remedies, but they are also not the best, and just to keep holding on...


said this on
30 Nov 2009 12:39:01 AM PST
I'm a 21 year old male who was recently just diagnosed with celiac disease and I've had chronic prostatitis for a couple of years now as well. This is very interesting stuff. I've been on a gluten-free diet for a few months now but still have symptoms in my bowels and prostate. Let me know if I can help in any way.


said this on
26 Aug 2010 8:00:07 AM PST
I too have gluten intolerance and prostitis. My infections of the prostate usually come if I go off my gluten free diet. There is definitely a link in my experience between the two. I believe it starts with reaction in the colon which in turn irritates the the prostate (although I do understand the flaws in self diagnosis)... I am thirty one years old and am on constant antibiotics. Feel free to contact me as I would love to help in any way... although looking at the date you may have no need of that anymore.


said this on
22 Dec 2010 3:40:44 PM PST
I completely agree with the association prostatitis/celiac disease. In my case, it is sufficient to eat just a piece of bread to feel the pain from prostatitis within a few hours. There is no much literature about it, but since I have stopped eating bread, pasta and so on, my prostatitis has gone away. Hope my experience may help.


said this on
07 Jan 2011 7:52:33 PM PST
I have had prostatitis/UTI for about 20 years (I am 42). I have tried everything modern medicine had to offer with no success. I just learned to live with it. Recently I visited a holistic medicine doctor to help with IBS. She ran some tests and suggested I remove gluten from my diet. Within a few weeks my IBS was almost gone! But I noticed something else, my prostatitis has gotten significantly better. I am convinced gluten was the problem. My doctor thinks my body still needs to heal and it could be months before I feel normal. I feel great now, cant wait for normal!

mauricio chenlo

said this on
03 Feb 2011 8:28:00 AM PST
This is very interesting. I've been dealing with prostate inflammation or a year now. Tried most traditional methods, nothing seems to be working long term. I just did some saliva analysis and the doctor said that I was highly reactive to gluten! Nothing to lose, I'll try that.


said this on
31 Dec 2013 7:35:56 AM PST
Hi Walt
Did you begin to experience hand and foot pain also? In recent years, I also started to get what some call a brain fog.

I'm just starting the gluten free diet and I'm hoping this does the trick.

3 days ago, I ate bread and the next two days were torture with regard to sinus infections, headaches, muscle aches and fatigue.

I'm looking for other men that can give me advice. The docs haven't been able to help me.

This tarted when I was 27. I'm now 42.


said this on
11 Aug 2014 6:54:35 PM PST
This is Matt, 8 months later. I am literally 95% better and plan to be 100% in the next month or so as my body continues to heal.

I'm simply allergic to wheat and and sensitive to dairy. A friend said the dairy sensitivity is because the dairy animals est wheat...

After nearly 25 years, I figured this out. Odd, that no doctor was ever able to help me. I have visited every type of doctor from the west to the east coast.


said this on
23 Nov 2015 6:11:36 PM PST
I have the exact same symptoms.


said this on
10 Mar 2011 10:18:58 AM PST
Removing gluten, casein, eggs, and soy diminished my IC enormously. I was in the worst 10% of cases, according to my docs, and removing these foods let me go about my life totally normally.


said this on
09 May 2011 8:25:59 PM PST
Hmm, this is interesting. I have been dealing with prostatitis/Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome and am thinking about trying a gluten free diet. Thanks for sharing, all!

Judy Frost

said this on
12 Aug 2011 2:44:36 PM PST
I have been on a gluten-free diet for a month now. I am amazed how I feel, no bloating, joint pains, eczema and improved eye sight. My dad died from prostrate cancer and I wonder if there may have been a connection with gluten.


said this on
13 Oct 2011 9:27:57 AM PST
I'm 58, male. I have had lower pelvic pain at night for about 30 years. 5 years ago I stopped eating all gluten containing foods, (wheat, rye, and barley). Although my celiac test was negative, within a few weeks, the pelvic pain at night disappeared, only to reappear every time I have reintroduced gluten.


said this on
22 Jul 2012 2:35:38 PM PST
For your statistics: I am 50, I stopped gluten 2 years ago before any tests but my mother had skin problems for 20 years before knowing it was gluten, and I also had itchy red patches on my face.

I stopped for the skin but I felt so good after that I will never start gluten again. I was beginning to need to pee very often (too often to be normal) and I had loss of libido. All this is now gone. I think that gluten affects the prostatitis and also sexual functions.

I hope that people will be more aware one day of this health hazard.


said this on
30 Jul 2012 5:18:14 PM PST
This is a great thread! Certain foods always upset my stomach more than others and like every typical person, I wrote it off to heartburn. It has been going on for years, then suddenly I went through this 3 or 4 month period of bloaty-ness. I couldn't even drive to work without un-doing my pants. Then the pee-urge hit horribly. I went to urgent care... typical bug corporation. "Oh, it must be a prostate problem, so here's some Terozin and you need to go see your doctor". Went to a doctor and got the same corporate junk. "This is what they said so here's some Advodart".

I went gluten-free as well as corn-free and I think soy is also a problem. These are all cheap ingredients that are added to everything. I dropped all this supposed doctor's medications and am getting better finally. Doctors are people just like us in some ways: busy. They have ten minutes to spend with you to make the daily quota. People need to use that big thing on their shoulders; it really does wonders, just trust it. Don't get bullied by a doctor who makes you feel somehow like you're not competent. Your modern day access to information and the time you spend researching your own problems may be far more than you will ever find in some 30+ year old education doctor trying to protect his degree with the typical arrogance they have.

That's my rant! Thanks for listening. We all have the power to investigate our issues. Don't put up with some doctor's unwillingness to help, just go find another one.


said this on
06 Aug 2012 8:55:42 AM PST
Good article and follow up posts. I am 40 years old and seven years ago had a sudden attack of prostatitis. Went to several doctors and had many tests and never found adequate relief. Over the last several years I also developed irritable bowel syndrome, tiredness, lethargy, brain fogginess. I have been modifying my diet and exercise program to optimize my health, but it has always been an uphill battle.

Recently, I bit the bullet and went completely gluten-free and after 2-3 weeks, I feel amazingly better on all fronts with my prostate in the best shape it has been in 7 years. Hopefully the gluten-free diet continues to pay dividends as it is a very small inconvenience for the pay off. Definitely worth trying for anyone with similar symptoms. Was also tested for celiac disease and whole bunch of other stuff which all came back as "normal".


said this on
31 Dec 2013 7:40:38 AM PST
I'm 42 and experienced the same problems. However, my issues started when I was 27. I'm starting a gluten free diet now. I would like to connect with you, if you're willing to share stories.


said this on
14 Aug 2012 10:38:01 AM PST
I googled my problem and ended up here, I have known I am allergic to wheat or gluten for a long time so I try to avoid it, however there was a sale on pizza and hot pockets at the store, I was eating that for about 2 days straight. I had to pee every 20 minutes all day long after the first day, and had to think back on what I had been eating. Now I'm back to eating mostly just meat, fruit, rice, beans, and vegetables. I seem to be recovered now. I take Doxazosin for my prostrate, however it doesn't work when I have pizza's and stuff. On occasion I will still have a flour tortilla. It costs money to eat gluten free, but a loaf of bread is almost 4 dollars now. Has anyone bought any an as seen on TV prostrate vitamins that worked? If so list the name brand.


said this on
04 Sep 2012 9:39:28 PM PST
I have been told I have chronic prostatitis from a urologist recently. All he had to say is there's nothing that could be done and that I should try cranberry juice. I was so mad that I was in pain and that was his best answer. But now I'm gonna try gluten-free and see how it goes.


said this on
07 Oct 2012 3:01:40 AM PST
Here's my story. I'm a 26 year old male. About a year ago I felt a variety of lower abdominal / pelvic symptoms: sharp pains in the intestines, sharp pains in the testicles, frequent night urination, sometimes painful urination, complete loss of libido, and horrendous premature ejaculation if not total erectile dysfunction.

After being cleared of a few different types of cancer (such as testicular) I was referred to the urologist. He said with regret that I had prostatitis and that I needed to start observing my diet and habits and figure out what would trigger it.

What I had learned was that some symptoms were being caused by toxins and stimulates that fed candida (intestinal - look it up). So up until 2 weeks ago I had been on a diet free of carbs, sugars, caffeine and of course alcohol. It was effective in eliminating the sharp pains. The prostate aches however, only subsided half a week ago when gluten was completely eliminated from my diet.

I'm no doctor. I could sit here and say that maybe my candida infection had caused me to become allergic to gluten, as it is a disease that damages intestinal integrity... but really, the lesson to be learned here is that we need to listen to our bodies, and understand that we are what we eat. Our mouths are not garbage disposals. Everything we choose to devour needs to be digested and those choices all have consequences. Study up on nutrition and try better diets. Non-infectious prostatitis doesn't have a quick cure, so make changes and be patient. Take a probiotic. Eat more vegetables. Etc. At the very least, you'll improve your immune system and overcome over ailments you never thought you could beat.

And yes, in my case prostatitis was certainly caused by my new found gluten intolerance, what caused my gluten intolerance I'm quite certain was candida. And what caused candida.... well, it goes on. Look after yourselves. A better diet will do a world of wonders for your health!


said this on
02 Jan 2014 12:24:01 AM PST
I am about to turn 27 and have had symptoms identical to yours for about two years now. I had been misdiagnosed with NSU and treated with antibiotics repeatedly. I was recently diagnosed with chronic prostatitis and prescribed tamsulosin. My main concern with the whole ordeal is the premature ejaculation. I'm just wondering if you experienced any improvement in that regard due to the gluten free diet. I'd love to hear your input because of all the forums that I've read, your case seems very close to mine. Both in terms of age and symptoms (and my name is also Justin) .

said this on
14 May 2013 1:03:17 PM PST
This all makes perfect sense and I've had a lot of these symptoms for years such as candida and premature ejaculation, brain fog, lethargy... feeling like I'm drugged out when I am completely sober... that sort of thing. I am a week into my gluten-free diet. Yesterday I felt clear, like a veil had been lifted off of my entire body. Today I'm low. Mild depression, lethargy 10x et cetera. It feels like opiate withdrawal. They say gluten can bind to your opiate receptors so I'm guessing that's it.

I was able to get off hard opiates with high doses of vitamin C, no doctors needed... they only made it worse with their medications, as usual.

So that's the plan now. I won't give up this gluten-free lifestyle. I feel like it's been dragging me down my entire life, 28 years of it and I am just now figuring this out.

Power on!


said this on
16 Jul 2013 11:01:02 AM PST
I'm Spanish. I have been looking for information about a relation between prostatitis and gluten and i have found this page.
In my language, there's nobody speaking about this. I have found all the information in American websites. In my case, I look for information about this because I am sure of it. I have seen on 3 times that if I eat gluten, I am bad if I don't eat gluten my problem is better. I think if I am several months without gluten, I will be healthier.


said this on
16 May 2014 8:57:39 AM PST
I have just picked up your website, I think we all need to be a bit cautious, my father had celiac condition and then in his late eighties had a prostate problem. I was diagnosed with the condition celiac when I was forty, but am sure I had it all my life before. After the diagnosis I was very much better. I am now 58 years old (still hate the gluten free bread ) but have prostate cancer. The PSA was 150. I am not sure if you can safely say gluten free will reduce any risk of prostate problems. Blame your father if you get it. But good luck anyway.


said this on
08 Jun 2014 1:58:27 PM PST
I'd love to help you. In my personal experience there is a 100% link between my prostatitis and eating any kind of gluten. it never fails, the tiniest bit of gluten and symptoms come straight back but all my symptoms are much less severe than before I realized the connection between gluten and prostatitis.

I first identified the symptoms of prostatitis when I was about 17 but it was very confusing, it took me a while to really understand what was going on. I had stomach cramps since childhood and difficulty sleeping with that but when I turned 17 and up things got gradually worse and worse. I went to a doctor one night after I couldn't sleep, I couldn't stop going to the toilet, my stomach was cramping, I was vomiting red stuff and I couldn't stay still out of the discomfort. It felt like I was constantly constipated but a doctor classifies constipation as not going to the toilet for a few days. This was like feeling constipated whether I had eliminated or not. I was trying to do push ups, yoga and other exercise to get rid of the pain until I went to the hospital. They gave me a check up, gave me some pills for gastroentilitis and pain killers codeine, told me to eat "healthy" and that was that. Later I started taking antibiotics for acne and I noticed while I was on antibiotics that symptoms went away. After going off and on antibiotics a couple of times the symptoms would always come back. At the beginning of 2014 things were getting really bad and where I used to get pain once or twice a week it was now every single day. Finally a doctor advised that I take gluten out of my diet and it worked. Now I have no problems unless I have even the smallest amount of gluten. I wish there were greater awareness about this link because it would have saved me many many years of pain and by taking my diet into my own hands I live a far better life. But it doesn't give me back the many years of pain and confusion.


said this on
08 Nov 2014 10:16:18 AM PST
Celiac disease has connection with vitamin B12 insufficiency and here is the link between neurological symptoms like premature ejaculation and this disease. Gluten-free lifestyle is not enough to secure you against neurological symptoms you must to take B vitamins( injektions)after a certain shedule


said this on
24 Nov 2014 12:33:36 PM PST

I've been dealing with prostatitis for 4 months now. It all started with white discharge, urge to pee and pain in my abdomen. Doctor did the urine test and found couple of bacteria. They gave me 10 days of cipro. Which helped but didn't clear the symptoms. Then I tried 2 months of amoxicillin and now on two months of doxycycline. Now I only have painful urination during bowel movement. Please tell me if there is really a connection between prostatitis and gluten. I'll try going gluten free - see how it works out.


said this on
27 Oct 2015 7:30:31 AM PST
Hi, I have a question about taking ED meds and IBS. I take an off-brand of Canadian Viagra that my doctor prescribed for my prostate. However, I also have IBS. I've been taking the generic viagra for about five months and so far it's been fine. However, I've just recently began to have some trouble with my IBS. Could it be possible that the meds are effecting it? I have been taking them for a while but I know it can take time for meds to build up in your system, etc.

I'm 48 years old and besides the prostate problems and IBS I'm an otherwise healthy male. I also recently just switched to vapor cigarettes and quit smoking real ones. Any help with this would be appreciated as I can't afford to go see my doctor until the beginning of the year.


said this on
20 Nov 2017 11:25:07 AM PST
Wow there's so much on this page I can relate to! Thanks! For as long as I can remember I've had IBS and unknowingly till recently (I'm 24) maybe prostatitis or interstitial cystitis, as I have no real diagnosis yet. For my whole life I have suffered intolerable pains and diarrhea randomly (mostly in the mornings) I would be in class or on a buss or out and it would strike me, this nasty sour pain in my lower gut making me run to the nearest bathroom if I had the opportunity. In my teen years when I learned about masturbation, I found that sometimes if I ejaculated and then went to the bathroom #2 and, then #1, I would have a very intense flare up giving me a painful burning from my anus through to my urethra. I would need to lay down or sit in a stiff position for a little while before it would go away, usually 10 minutes, and then I was okay until the next flare up. Sometimes a few times a year I'd say. As I got older it only really bothered me when I had diarrhea and then would pee after, and only then would I get another intense flare up. Only a few times have I had the flare up happen when I ejaculate then pee, and usually only in the morning (99% of the time). This last year I have been having the increasingly difficult problem of having really bad gas every morning waking me up, very uncomfortable, and then I would have to go to the bathroom which would normally be diarrhea yet I would still be constipated and gassy. I started taking Metamucil to try to regulate my self, which was probably the worst mistake of my life. after a month of taking this felt like my entire body was in intense discomfort. My torso felt like it was replaced by just pain. A quick side note, I also was always adjusting my crotch when I was sitting down (almost always) cause it never felt like it was in a comfortable position, it always hurt after sitting for a bit, especially with tight briefs on. I honestly just thought this was because I have large testicles and sitting was restricting them but this may also have been an early sign of prostatitis. I stopped taking it and got a lot better, but never really recovered. I kept having to spend hours a day on the toilet constipated, having gassy diarrhea, I was always bloated, never feeling completely empty after my movements and just generally feeling uncomfortable in my bowels almost all the time, unless I didn't eat. Ha! I win! Okay but seriously, at first I noticed after I ate that I would get these random shooting subtle pains like I was peeing a bit but like I was peeing just air (painful air) for a split second then it was gone. There wasn't actually anything there, no discharge, I was confused. I also started to develop what felt like a really bad bladder infection. I almost went to a clinic one night cause it was so bad , I was up to pee every 20 mins, but ended up not doing so cause I was sure it was linked to my bowel problems. My bowels and bladder eventually got so bad and uncomfortable I went to see a doctor who ordered me a colonoscopy. They found nothing and suggested I might be celiac which I'm currently waiting results for. Since that suggestion (a few days now) I've been gluten free. Now, the first day off of gluten I felt PHENOMENAL! I didn't have to pee all day, I think I peed twice or 3 times all day without even thinking about it, I had a few bowel movements that weren't uncomfortable, I felt like a new person. However, the next day even after being very sure not to consume gluten I was still felling my old symptoms back, more specifically bladder problems and a new pelvic pain yesterday as well as my penis /penis head feeling cold (perhaps poor circulation from enlarged prostate?). Today the peeing is better but I still have uncomfortable and odd shooting pains randomly through my urethra (usually just when I'm walking around) and my anus or rather the spot between my testicles and anus feels sore, and I'm experiencing some minor groin discomfort. It seems I am improving a very little bit every day and I hope it keeps up, I'll start taking my prostatitis meds too and see if that helps, it must right? The side effects don't sound fun though. Hope this helps someone, thanks for your time.

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This could be related to nutrient deficiencies such as multip B-vitamins, magnesium, primarily with some others to consider like vitamin D E and iron. But my concern with be diabetes also, it is a fact that diabetes and celiac go hand in hand often. AND if you eat gluten free processed food often...

Celiac disease is a bit like a chameleon in symptoms with over 500 known combinations (someone else said this number). It being a autoimmune disease it would not be unheard of it effecting the lymph nodes and in fact early on my first signs of a CC was tightening and swelling of the ones in my ne...

Hi there, I was recently diagnosed with Celiac after having dramatic weight loss, extreme fatigue, digestive issues, and a variety of other things. The blood test and biopsy both came back positive so I have been following a strict gluten free diet. I have been experiencing muscle spas...

You should get the lymph nodes checked. You need to be eating a regular gluten containing diet to get the best & most accurate results for celiac disease.

try ragu double cheddar sauce