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Exit Strategy - Eating Out

Celiacs Need An Exit Strategy.

Eating is a very social activity. It plays an important role in cultures word wide. Did you know that Polynesians are more private about dining than about sex?

Last week I listened to one of those provocative obnoxious radio talk show hosts that demonized those who have special diet requirements. He said we should just eat what's being served or stay at home. I let the station manager know how I felt about that!
We will not allow our Celiac diagnosis to turn us into  anti-social stay-at-home solitary diners suffused with self-pity  The success of managing a diet effectively depends on resourceful strategies for eating out especially if your diet is like mine and demands fanatical adherence.

I find coping with eating out less complicated than studying  new dance steps or learning to skate backwards. Sure, it takes practice. Once you master the technique  you will be the one  giving the dinner orders giving meal orders that ensure you will dodge the bullet in the belly from "illegal" foods.

Catered events: I have always been able to phone ahead, explain my restriction
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requirements and get cooperation from the chef. Besides, everyone is on some kind of special diet these days. It's more fashionable than questionable.

Restaurants: Many have websites with menus enabling planning ahead, narrowing down to a few choices and phoning ahead to check ingredients and request adjustments

Invited to friends or family?  It's amazing that they can be less cooperative than the professionals. For all the friendly hosts there is always a sprinkling of saboteurs.

We have options:  Explain this is a health issue and if necessary you can bring some food of your own. I like to bring one large tasty dish  made for my diet to share with everyone. It's usually a big hit.

You can eat something at home before or after and just move the unsuitable food around on your plate

Try not to talk about your disease and diet. Others may seem fascinated, but you will eventually tire of this as a way of connecting or getting attention and start staying home with a boxed TV series on DVD. 

Whether it's a wedding, Christening, Bar Mitzvah, barbecue, shower, brunch or dinner with the Tasmanian Ambassador, learn the drill, take heart, get out--eat smart!


As always, welcomes your comments (see below).

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Me too. I still get transient lower back pain occasionally when my bladder or colon is full. It goes away immediately on voiding. Regardless of anything other diseases you may have, being wheat free gives you relief so even if not Celiac you are Non Celiac Wheat Sensitive. There are over 200...

Here is a partial list of what I no longer suffer from as a result of not eating wheat. Some like the sleep apnea and gerd and back pain and addiction to alcohol were almost immediate. The foot pain is improved to just numbness sometimes. My long term depression went away when I added vitamin D 1...

Celiac Disease is damage to the nooks and crannies in our intestines leading to malnutrition, vitamin deficiencies with all the various symptoms that make it so hard to diagnose. Then you add years of the antacids, antibiotics, Tylenol, opioids, alcohol, etc., each with their own particular side ...

We use pure cherry juice with our snow cone machine. Makes for a nice dessert after dinner.

Hi Kurasz, How's it going? Any change for the amazingly better? Or slightly better? If not, hang in there, and keep praying! :)