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Anquish Over Gluten Free Easter

Our first Easter Sunday without gluten. Not as hard as one would think, but since Kaia is also allergic to dairy, latex, beef, cherries  and soy, a lot of candy is already off limits so I just needed to refine my already dwindling list of safe candies.

Growing up, the Easter Bunny never brought a lot of candy he always seemed to bring the one thing we were “dying” to have, so when it came time for the Easter Bunny to start visiting my little girl, it only seemed right to have a little candy and toys to make up for the lack of candy.  Kaia has been dairy free since she was 6 months old so Easter has always been a little bittersweet for her (me really). I have never found (at least one I can afford) a Kaia friendly chocolate Easter Bunny.

Kaia’s Easter Basket has always consisted of little toys, coloring books,  latex free markers and crayons (Crayola is cross contaminated), socks, bubbles, summer play toys and whatever Kaia just couldn’t live without that year.

Fast forward to Easter 2011. This year I had to read for that one extra ingredient—wheat/gluten. As I started
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to head to my tried and true candies for her, they were quickly slipping away. Twizzler—the second ingredient is wheat flour!! Argh! Nope that jelly bean has gluten, that one two, oh that chocolate is gluten free, but no it has dairy, this went on and on. The more aggravated I got, it seemed the less candy she could have. It seemed all I could find that was Kaia friendly was dum dum suckers, Double Bubble, and  Swedish Fish and Eggs.  I had my old standby her Enjoy Life Candy bars, but I wanted something special.

The more I got read ingredients the madder I got, then it hit me---Kaia doesn’t miss what she has never had. The worst part of going gluten free was taking pop tarts away and she handled that like a trooper. I was getting upset, not because Kaia wouldn’t have an Easter Basket, I was getting upset because I was again hit in the face that my daughter is different, however she rarely notices she is different.   

A couple minutes of self pity and I moved forward. Kaia had the Easter basket of her dreams with everything she wanted—and in the end I had a huge smile on my face—all because my beautiful little girl was happy--really happy.

As always, welcomes your comments (see below).

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3 Responses:


said this on
25 Apr 2011 5:49:49 PM PDT
Hi Deana! I perfectly know how you feel... My name is Cecilia and I have a 5 year old daughter named Martina. She is celiac and allergic to milk proteins since she was 2 and now (January this year) she has been diagnosed diabetes type 1. I´m very sad and mad because I think it´s so unfair...
Well what I wanted to tell you is that when she had that diagnostic on January I decided to start a kind of treatment I read about. It was created in Spain and it consists in providing her a glass of water with one drop of milk one day. The same glass of water with two drops the second day. Three drops the third and so until one day she will be drinking a full glass of milk without consequences.
I tried it and it worked!! I´m a really anxious person so when I had to put 17 drops of milk I tried with a little piece of cheese and nothing happened. Then a little portion of yogurt and it was ok. So I start increasing the amount of dairy and now I swear you, she can drink as much milk as she wants!


said this on
24 May 2011 6:18:46 AM PDT
That is awesome Cecilia. I m so glad that your daughter can enjoy milk and milk products again. I wish Kaia would be able too, however she is anaphalatic to milk protein so I know I will never be able to. But you know what she doesn't miss what she's never had!


said this on
23 Jun 2011 4:43:09 PM PDT
Oohhhh... I just read what "anaphylactic" means (I´m Argentinian) and now I realize that what I recommended you to do could have been dangerous for Kaia, I´m sorry...
I wish a cure is found for our daughters soon... I´m not so desperate as I was in January but I still think this is VERY unfair. Well, I also know there are worse things.

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This is stupid. The nuns at Clyde, Missouri make gluten safe hosts. 17 ppm. Well under the 20 ppm threshold. I consume them safely here in Omaha every week.

When I was diagnosed, I told both kids they will have to be tested. They don't know it will be happening sooner rather than later.

Tell him asap to expect to get blood drawn next week or whenever the appt. is. My boys never like surprise medical exams!

Have him read about the disease and the multitude of repercussions that occur from gluten consumption that have nothing to do with "classic stomach" issues. Not following a strict gluten free diet can lead to terrible diseases because your body will be so weak and damaged. When my son was diagnos...

When I get glutened, I cough. Loud. for 20-30 minutes. Once people hear that, they take it seriously. Refer your son to the newbie thread. If he still doesn't get it, kick him in the posterior. Hard!