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Absolutely unjust!

I just found out that THIS will be coming to stores soon! AAARG! Usually I keep a cool head about things (BWAH!) But this is just unfair! Who among us hasn't laughed hysterically at that skit? It is the best! A true classic! And we don't get any. We all know about my love of Ice cream. I adore ice cream, I would marry ice cream, I devour ice cream, and lately all I can tolerate is stupid dumb vanilla soy ice cream. Pffft, that's not ice cream! And this one has malted milk balls? Awww, even the word malt lets you know we can't have any.

And I don't even want to hear the so and so's say "Hmm quite, I think it tastes just as good as regular blah blah hurrumph hurrumph". No! NO! It does NOT taste just as good! I cry foul!

I'm sad. I may be forced to run out and grab Jimmy Fallon's late night snack instead. I can eat that one. The dairy doesn't love me anymore, but it doesn't hate me as much as the gluten. yet.

Stay strong my fellow Glutenators. You never know when temptation will arrive in all it's delicious glory!

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