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Celiac Awareness Day

Today is September 13th, 2011. Celiac awareness day!  Why is it so important to have such a day? Because without awareness we have no voice, we will never have a cure, we will constantly suffer from mislabeled foods, accidental gluten intake, and cross contamination.

I have compiled some great links for everyone to read over, that are chock full of statistics. The saddest one is that 1 in every 22 people have this disease if someone in their family has it, and 1 in 133 people without a family history have Celiac, and yet no one knows about it? How is this possible?

Here are the links I have found:

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spread the word today, blog, facebook, twitter, hang a billboard, hire an sky writer, put it on a hot air ballon, put a sign on your dog, write it in the sand, squirt on your plate with mustard, whatever it takes. Let's not run screaming through crowds naked with it painted on our bodies, that would be extravagantly silly, but tell someone who may not know about it.

As always, welcomes your comments (see below).

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Hi, I have recently been diagnosed and very worried about fertility. We wanted to start trying for a baby but now won't for awhile. Has anyone got any information on this? also, I am not sure if I accidentally ate gluten last week but I was unwell for a day and since then have had green stoo...

I've never used GFWD. I assume that is a website called gluten free watchdog? I've heard others mention it. I do have pictures. I will look them up. Thanks


Yes, you can eat bananas but only on Sunday. Kidding. Peter has it right. Most fruits, veggies and meats are naturally gluten-free. The problem for celiacs are grains including wheat, rye, barley, and oats (only some celiacs react to oats). Any food though can be contaminated with thos...

Bananas are naturally gluten-free. Fruits do not contain gluten, nor do vegetables. Gluten is found in grain, and you won't likely find that in the produce department. Enjoy, and welcome aboard.