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According to the GIG Jenny's Bakehouse Products May Not Be Gluten-Free

This just in from Frances Kelley, Austin Chair, GIG of Central and South Texas, via the Celiac Listserv:
Many of the members of GIG of Central and South Texas have talked about the Jenny’s Bakehouse products.  Some of you have mentioned how much you enjoyed them.  Others have talked about getting sick after consuming the product.  Because of the number of people who claimed to have gotten ill after eating the products we sent samples of the Kaiser Buns and Dinner Rolls to GIG’s national office for testing.

GIG tested the products in house and sent the products
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to an outside lab for further testing.  Both products tested positive for gluten using r-5 and G12 Elisa testing methods in the test performed by GIG and the test performed by the lab.  The lab test showed that both products tested as having gluten in excess of 10,000 ppm (parts per million).  Keep in mind that the FDA proposed definition for labeling a product gluten free is that the product tests to less than 20 ppm. 

Based on this information, GIG of Central and South Texas strongly recommends that you do NOT consume these products.

For questions, please contact GIG at 253-833-6655 ext 104.

As always, welcomes your comments (see below).

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3 Responses:


said this on
27 Sep 2011 10:45:19 AM PST
Regarding my previous comment: when I stated that People's had informed "us", I did not intend to represent my comment as coming from the local GIG chapter. The comment was mine and only mine.


said this on
26 Sep 2011 2:05:29 PM PST
People's Pharmacy in Austin informed us that there are people who are angry that they can no longer buy Jenny's products there. As you know, for several months Jenny represented her products as being gluten-free. The ingredients on her labels were gluten free. Yet some people were getting sick after eating her products and the national GIG organization tested two of her products and found them to have a high gluten content, far beyond what would be cross contamination issues. In other words, wheat flour had been added to her products. People's alleges that they are explaining this to customers who still want her products. This just blows my mind. Jenny has been conning the celiac/gluten-free community and they still want to give her money??


said this on
01 Oct 2011 12:56:35 PM PST
My son and I, both gluten-intolerant, had been eating Jenny's rolls since mid-December. Also in mid-December my health went from barely OK to horrible. I was unable to even unload my grocery cart. I had a complete cardiac work-up, 2 sleep studies, seizure symptoms looked into by 24-hour EEG and an MRI. I couldn’t exercise and gained over 20 pounds.

My now 6-year-old son was not potty training. We knew that when he had gluten, he would have far more accidents. The level of gluten in Jenny’s apparently kept him just below the threshold of obvious poisoning (stool accidents at least once a day) but he was still having accidents about 3 times a week. In addition to the humiliation and hurt to his self-esteem, we had a CAT scan done to look for spina bifida.

On the 12th day after his last Jenny's roll, my son felt the need to poo. On day 13 he recognized the need to urinate. I have had more energy and stamina in the past few days than I have had in a long time. (We are on day 15 of being Jenny-free.)

I visited People's again 4 days ago and they were carrying Jenny's muffins. I will not go there again. I'd been buying supplements there totaling abt $300 / month. I am furious and I keep Googling to see if there are criminal charges against her. I'd love to join in a lawsuit to get my money back. I have saved every People's receipt since Jan 1st. I bought her bread almost every week.

I think of the man in Raleigh who was sentenced to (3?) years for doing the same thing. Austin's lack of irateness over this is STUNNING.

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