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How it all started...AKA...In the beginning

How it all started

Overwhelmed. ..anxious. ..excited…and a gamut of other emotions are what I felt that day.  Did I hear this new doctor right?  He left the exam room stating “wait here, I think I have something that might help you.”

I was out-of-town for a week when I started with sinus problems on the second day there.  I was in a familiar town, had a former doctor there, but chose to visit a walk-in clinic hoping to be in and out of there quickly.  I knew that going to my former doctor meant possibly waiting days to get in for a visit or waiting a long time in a waiting room, then an exam room.  That may have been the best decision I’ve made.  I had waited 3 days since the congestion began and my ears were still clogged.  I knew I had a sinus infection and prayed that I could get put on an antibiotic, as based on past experience, if I didn’t, it was going to get unbearable and require a stronger antibiotic than I wanted to take.

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I went to a walk-in clinic shortly after they opened for the day.  There was only one other patient there.  So far, so good.  When the doctor walked into the exam room, he was an older man.  Yes, my prayers were being answered…short wait (important because I had a 10 month old with me) and from past experience, younger doctors tend to not want to prescribe antibiotics, but I knew what I needed.  After reviewing my medical history with me...fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, IBS, migraines, depression, abdominal pain (blamed on ovarian cysts)…he examined me and determined I did have a sinus infection.  That’s when he said, “I’ll be right back.  I might have something to help you.”  Of course, I’m imagining he’s gone to get me a neti pot and my stomach turns.

He comes back with copies of something from the internet.  My curiosity is piqued.  He explains that he has started giving information to patients that come to him with a history similar to mine.  It’s information about celiac disease.  I listen to what he has to say while I remind myself that I was tested for that about six years prior and it was negative.  Hence, the diagnosis of IBS. He asks me to contact him in about 3 weeks to see how I’ve done with it (note to self, contact doctor!).  Wow, a doctor that knows I live out of state and he wants to know how I’m doing after I try this?  I leave with a prescription for an antibiotic, a recommendation of an OTC sinus and cold medicine, and wondering if this doctor might have the answer for my other symptoms.

Loving to read, I buy the book he recommends (The Gluten Connection) and wait anxiously for it arrive.  I started googling gluten-free and celiac disease.  I realize that I needed to immediately change what I eat.  The information is shouting out at me:  you have these symptoms, nothing else has worked, it can’t hurt to try it.  Okay, it can hurt the food budget, but if I can function better and feel better, it will be worth it.

My next blog will describe what I’ve experienced in the past month since starting to eat gluten-free.

As always, welcomes your comments (see below).

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I have had rolling food intolerance issues and stuff crop up for years....but this time it was seemly triggered by a cold. I got a cold this weekend standard fever, stuffy nose, coughing gunk up, head pressure, random dizzy spells etc. Anyway I was eating on my chia seed rotation before getting ...

Thinking I saw this earlier on another post....anyway I do have a thought on this. I get little blood blisters and sores in my mouth, and on my tongue from things I ended with allergies to. With celiac being a autoimmune disease it can sometimes effect your immune system, like make you more prone...

Hi been diagnosed as celiac over 2 years ago have a bad episode at present with tongue and swollen sore nose looks like little blisters has anyone else had these symptoms and if so what made it stop please any advise would be fab

As mentioned above is true, I used to love fruit I got other AI diseases and some other issues that prevent me from eating fruit but I am a freak lol. ANYWAY since your new I will link you the newbie 101 threads. I would be more concerned with hidden gluten in your old condiment filled with crum...

Some people can be asymptomatic, I know a few celiacs like this. Needless to say, this doesn't mean that gluten isn't still wreaking havoc in your intestines.