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Hilarious Article by Gluten Dude About Gluten Free Society

This post is outstanding. I've been thinking much the same thing for months now, but was too lazy to actually write something about it. Obviously there is no need to now, as Gluten Dude says it all...perfectly. 

 On one hand I am reluctant to further publicize the "Society" site in any way. After more thought, however, I realized that getting the word out may help some poor celiac not waste their money, and may prevent them from going on an unnecessarily restrictive diet.

As always, welcomes your comments (see below).

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2 Responses:


said this on
15 Mar 2014 3:59:44 PM PST
Gluten Dude really sums it up nicely. Thanks for posting!

Joyce Stewart

said this on
05 Jun 2014 5:47:02 PM PST
Scott, It was so nice to find your website. I have had celiac disease quite a number of years but I always search the web to see if I can find anything new. A great read. Thanks so much.

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