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Dr Rodney Ford's Blog

I have launched my "The Gluten Syndrome" on YouTube.
I have got heaps of great feedback.  In 2 minutes you can hear my theory on how gluten causes its harm.  What do you think of this video?   Please “rate it” and make a “comment”, and also pass on the link to your friends.  The idea is to help the millions of gluten sufferers who are unaware of the problem.  Thanks. Cheers Rodney.

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Hi. This site,,
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is an awesome collection of stuff about gluten problems and what you can do about it.  I am privileged to have contributed to this website.  The Scott-free Newsletter is also well worth reading, it is packed full of useful information.

I already write a regular "blog" that is posted on my own website.  My focus is on telling the world about gluten.  I am the person who has written the book "The Gluten Syndrome".  At least one in ten people (that is 10%) suffer from the bad affects of gluten.  Let's help them.  Cheers, Rodney Ford.

As always, welcomes your comments (see below).

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5 Responses:


said this on
06 Jan 2008 9:51:10 PM PST
Hi again Dr. Ford,
In your opinion how is it that my one daughter has celiac and I do not get a positive Dx. I have been dx with IBS though. They also went down my throat and did not see any sprue. Blood work normal except for that IGG being 40. I have been so consumed with this and people think I am nuts. I have weird neuro things happen when I eat gluten. I am not going to eat it anymore because your previous email said not to. Do you know of any good doctors in Seattle area in regards to celiac. Should I go to a naturopath or a dietitian? My daughter is 100% gluten-free and I still have two more daughters to see if they have celiac or just have a sensitivity. Wouldn't myself or my husband have had to pass the DQ8 Gene on to our one daughter? I will buy your book too! Thanks. Julie McHenry


said this on
03 Feb 2008 1:34:23 PM PST
Thanks Dr. Ford! Again you have created something so simple and understandable for small children (and adults) to understand. My little boy watched both your videos and really enjoyed them. They are a wonderful tool for teaching those! around us the importance of being gluten free. I have embedded them on my blog as well ( Well done!

said this on
18 Feb 2008 12:40:09 PM PST
Hi Julie,
You can still be gluten intolerant and not have celiac disease. There are also known cases of celiac disease where the genes were not present. Trust your instinct and your own reactions when determining your reactions to a food or foods. If you would like more assistance I am located in Seattle at the IBS Treatment Center and would be happy to see you.


said this on
05 Nov 2010 8:10:22 PM PST
this is good


said this on
12 Jan 2011 3:20:30 AM PST
Thanks for this informative post. I'm a health conscious guy and this page is one of my resource.

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I can't remember, but it was a few years ago and maybe it had Maltodextrin in it, or maybe it was the 'flavorings' - which I never eat unless it's from a company like Kraft or McCormick that labels clearly. But given that you eat it safely, maybe I'll contact the company for a clear answer.

So the simple explanation is - You eat gluten. It travels along and gets to your small intestine. For some reason, your small intestine feels it is an invader. but instead of making antibodies that "attack" the gluten, the small intestine cells make antibodies that attack itself. Sort of misg...

Hi - I think some of the issue here may be stemming from confusion about the word "exposed" and the two things in bold above -- while you are very strict about eating gluten, am I right that you've been accidentally eating some and for the past month have accidentally been not-gluten-free? If so...

my thinking was that if I ate gluten tonight again , then the reaction would be there tomorrow not that there would be gluten for them to find exactly. So from what your saying It would make sense - i.e. if my body was going to react to gluten with antibodies then by eating gluten say tonight it ...