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Genius Foods and Livwell Brand Products Labelled "Gluten-Free" Recalled in UK Due to High Gluten Content

Five of Britain's leading supermarkets have recalled the affected brands, including g, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Tesco and Morrisons, due to gluten detected in the products at levels between 5 and 80 parts per million.

The Food Standards Agency of the UK said that there may be a "possible health risk" for those with celiac disease.

The list below includes the affected products/brands:


Product descriptionBest before dates
Asda Chosen by you 2 Free From Garlic & Coriander Naan Breads

3 July 2015, 7 July 2015, 9 July 2015

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Barcode: 5051413185469

Asda Chosen by you 2 Free From Pizza Bases

26 June 2015, 30 June 2015

Barcode: 505244979125

Asda Chosen by you 4 Free From White Pitta Breads

26 June 2015, 30 June 2015, 2 July 2015

Barcode: 505244989731

Genius Crumpets 18 June 2015 - 26 June 2015
Livwell Garlic Naan 20 August - 28 August 2015
Livwell Gluten Free Crumpets 21 June 2015
Morrisons Free From Pizza Bases 29 May 2015 - 4 June 2015
Sainsbury’s freefrom 6 Syrup Pancakes 198g 12 July 2015 - 20 July 2015
Sainsbury’s freefrom 2 Garlic & Coriander Naan, 196g 25 June 2015  - 03 July 2015
Sainsbury’s freefrom 4 Multiseeded Pitta breads, 260g 25 June 2015 - 3 July 2015
Sainsbury’s freefrom 4 Sultana Scones, 252g 29 June 2015  - 7 July 2015
Sainsbury’s freefrom 4 White Pitta breads, 260g 25 June 2015 - 3 July 2015
Sainsbury’s Freefrom Pizza Base, 185g 25 June 2015 - 3 July 2015
Tesco Free From 2 Garlic & Coriander Naan 2 July 2015  - 10 July 2015
Tesco Free From 2 Pizza Bases 25 June 2015 - 3 July 2015
Tesco Free From 4 Crumpets 18 June 2015  - 25 June 2015
Tesco Free From 4 Pitta Bread 25 June 2015 - 3 July 2015
Waitrose Gluten Free Pancakes 26 June 2015 - 3 July 2015
Waitrose Gluten Free Pitta 25 June 2015 - 3 July 2015
Waitrose Gluten Free Scones 7 June 2015 - 15 June 2015

Livwell Garlic Naan

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PS I am not questioning you here but mango is a odd food, many people might have a allergy to the skin and out side of the mango but have no issues with the inside meat. Others are allergic to the whole fruit. It has to do with a compound found in the skin that is very harsh and triggers allergic...

Yes, we like peanut butter in the blender with frozen bananas and a liquid (juice, coconut water, almond milk...). You can add berries or even ginger and turmeric.

Yes, because each persons immune system is different there's a lot of uncertainty around tests. I think I'd be gluten-free for a couple of weeks when I first tested and my doctor thought it wouldn't make a difference. I often wonder if I'd have got a test just before going gluten-free, when I fel...

New info: I was really curious about this so I sent an email to the lab on Friday asking how fast would the antibodies go down. Today, I got a reply from the Head of the Laboratory (Clinical Immunology) and she said that the antibodies go down really fast - within a few days. So, now I know ...