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I Had My Cakes and Ate Them Too

I've been rice-free for eight years and suspected rice as a problem just as I discovered I was a Celiac. However it apparently is not and in fact I show almost no sensitivity to it when compared to nuts and treated dairy, which I tolerate but occasionally react too.

I tried two types of rice. One was a processed white rice which was combined with vegetables. It tasted like chlorine or iodine so I don't plan on that again.

However, brown rice cakes were a limited success. I say "limited" because I had no reaction and relished the first nicely buttered crisp slab of puffed rice compressed into a hockey puck shape.

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is where the problem started. I kept wanting one more... and eating one more. I went through a package of ten in two days. After a two week abstinence, I tried again and the same thing happened.

It is not uncommon to be addicted to starchy foods  so there I was right back where I started before going gluten and starch free, craving the crispy stuff again.

If I am offered one or two rice cakes (and doubt this is likely as most people dislike and ridicule them) I will accept, but no more ten packs in the cupboard.

I had my cakes and ate them two--I mean ten!


As always, welcomes your comments (see below).

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1 Response:

Carol Frilegh
( Author)
said this on
26 Mar 2008 3:53:19 PM PDT
My rice experiment once extended, had an unhappy ending. Brown Rice Cakes caused me painful bloating, gastric distress and severe constipation. They are not suitable for people with delicate guts. I had to resort to stewed prunes as I cannot take psyllium husks.

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