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Living in the Garden of Eden

 I am Celiac. It is a self-diagnosis and I have yet to find a doctor who even recognizes the disease. I'm still looking. In the meantime, I maintain my own health and try to help others who exhibit the symptoms. Most will refuse the elimination diet. I have learned to accept that fact and pray that those people are not actually gluten intolerant.

This is not a death sentence. If you can use a computer, you live in an area that allows for three meals a day. That is a luxury for a large percentage of the world. Our children are not chewing on sticks as a meal replacement. We are privileged to live in the Garden of Eden and the fruit of all the trees is for our food...except one. If you hang around that tree, it'll start looking good and smelling good and you'll say, "what the heck?" to the consequences. Stay away from it and you'll stay healthy.

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are so many foods available to us that are naturally gluten free and tasty. Many societies actually enjoy a gluten free diet regularly. Thai food is almost all gluten free and our new Mexican immigrants have brought with them some wonderful gluten free goodies along with the recipes and kitchen tools for making  them. We have the world at our fingertips.

I wish to encourage my fellow Celiacs to get creative. Become detectives and seek out new foods. Look on this as an adventure, not a prison. I discovered what made me sick when I was 50, having been sick all that time. It makes me glad to find a sad message from someone under the age of 10 who's been diagnosed. That one won't have to be sick as long as I was. To that one, get crackin', and find those gluten-free nuggets and create some desserts to feast our eyes and mouths on. The ball's in your court.

I am Yvonne, signing out.

As always, welcomes your comments (see below).

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2 Responses:

Monika Draga

said this on
27 Feb 2008 10:55:30 PM PST
Hi Yvonne,

you are absolutely right! We live in a Garden of Eden but there are many poisonous snails ...

It seems to me that your story could be mine. Discovered guten intolerance myself after 50 years of suffering. My way to cope with this? I moved to the sunniest place of my country (Germany) to put up a project for gluten intolerant holiday makers - as an attempt to make visible our Garden of Eden. Interested to read more about it? I need someone & something to encourage me to write about it in English.

Greetings from Germany,

Carol Frilegh

said this on
29 Feb 2008 10:08:07 AM PST
This week it's no garden here. My Latex Allergy and MCS have flared from renovations in a nearby suite and I am reacting to so many things I gave to do the Paleo Diet for a while.

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Some people can be asymptomatic, I know a few celiacs like this. Needless to say, this doesn't mean that gluten isn't still wreaking havoc in your intestines.

Hi, I have recently been diagnosed and very worried about fertility. We wanted to start trying for a baby but now won't for awhile. Has anyone got any information on this? also, I am not sure if I accidentally ate gluten last week but I was unwell for a day and since then have had green stoo...

I've never used GFWD. I assume that is a website called gluten free watchdog? I've heard others mention it. I do have pictures. I will look them up. Thanks


Yes, you can eat bananas but only on Sunday. Kidding. Peter has it right. Most fruits, veggies and meats are naturally gluten-free. The problem for celiacs are grains including wheat, rye, barley, and oats (only some celiacs react to oats). Any food though can be contaminated with thos...