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Cooking Terms That Can Help Make Your Cruise Gluten-Free

We are now talking about some of the terms that are used in the kitchen that you might need to know in order to help you decide how your food is prepared.

Broiled: The two I am talking about is where the fire is above your food and below your food.

  • Above. Your food sits on a grill that the chef can move up and down to make it closer or father from the fire.
  • Below. The food sits on a grill a lot like your outside grill.

With both of these types of cooking cross-contamination is not caused by the fire but can be caused by the grates if they are not properly cleaned.  I have talked about cross-contamination a lot.  If the chef cooked a marinated chicken breast (example), and then he puts your food right on top of the grate where that has just happen, you may end up with a small amount of gluten that is on your food.

Ask the chef to clean the grate. They have a steel brush usually right next to the broiler and that will get most of it off. If it is a broiler that can move towards the fire the chef can move the grate towards the fire to burn all left over food off.

Sauté’:  I found that sauté’ is the safest way to prepare the food. The food is put in a hot pan of oil or butter and nothing else goes in unless you ask for it.  This is a great way to make your food taste better with a splash of lemon or wine.

Grilled: When food is put on the flat top grill it stays there for a very long time. It bakes on the grill and the next food goes right over it.  If you must have a grilled item ask for the chef to razor blade the grill.  It is a tool that is used to scrape the grill clean. It doesn’t do a perfect job though. Depending on the sharpness of the blade you still might get cross-contamination. The sure way is to stone the grill but that is a mess and it stinks. That is how they clean the grill at the night so you are not going to get that done during the day unless you get real lucky with your chef. Sometimes water and the razor blade can work but it really depends on how often they use the grill and what they are cooking.

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Steamed: This is another way of getting very good results. The steamer blows steam in and it steams your food until it is done. Ask for your food to be cooked alone with nothing else in there. There is a lot of pressure so some small food can blow around. The chef puts your food in a pan with holes and the steam surrounds it. 

Poached:  Ask for a fresh pan of water and your food is safe. The chef puts your food in the water and at a constant simmer.  Be creative and add some wine or lemon anything that will make your food taste better.

Fried: To fry your food you must ask if the fryer only cooks gluten-free items (example like French fries). If not stay away from the fryer because cross-contamination can occur. You can ask for a small pan with fresh oil in it to have your food prepared if they know ahead of time. If you just come in and ask it will take a little time for a pan of oil to heat up to the proper temp. You also can ask for it to be pan fried that way it will take only ½ time because it is a small amount of oil and does not cover it.

Baked: In the oven is a good way but it still has some hazards. The convectional ovens have a blower in the oven so it blows small food particles around. Also the grates that are in the oven could have food on them and that could drip on your food. There could be another item above your food and it could over flow. I ask for my food to be covered that is the safest way to make sure nothing happens. If that can’t be done ask for the top rack and hope no food blows in your food.

I hope that answers some questions--if there are some I forgot please let me know.

Chef Daniel P.

As always, welcomes your comments (see below).

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Feeneyja, This will be a little long but I will try to be brief as possible. See this discussion thread that talks about how Pellagra is often diagnosed as other disease's today because doctor's rarely recognize it today in a clinical setting. Pellagra's is described as the 3 D's if you don't count the 4th D of death if it goes long enough and is not diagnosed in a timely manner. Dementia (Neurological) Digestive (GI problems), Dermatitis issues (Ezcema, Psorsias, Acne etc.) According to mdguidelines website indicates that quoting ?The diagnosis of pellagra is straightforward when the classic rash is present but may be elusive if there are only gastrointestinal and/or neurological manifestations.? And why I believe in many cases Pellagra goes undiagnosed today. Because doctor's have forgotten how it presents. A longer researcher article about the neurological presentations of pellagra mention the many ways a Niacin deficiency can present itself. Here is the link and I will quote some of the neurological/dementia related symptom's of an undiagnosed pellagra patient. "Mental symptoms were wider than dementia, in that depression, fatigue, psychomotor retardation, mania, obsessions, and a whole range of psychoses with auditory and visual hallucinations were well described, along with personality change and sociopathic and drug and alcohol addictive behaviours. Panic disorders were seen as was a general inability to deal with physical or mental stress. Poor brain development such as hydrocephalus or cerebral palsy was also common. Acute delirium or even coma occurred, with some patients having myoclonus and other extrapyramidal signs reminiscent of the spongiform encephalopathies. The dementias of pellagra included features akin to Lewy body, Alzheimer?s, frontotemporal, vascular, and prion diseases. Parkinsonism was also common and a festinant gait was first described in pellagrins. Tremors of various descriptions, including asymmetric rest tremors, were noted and some patients had typical paralysis agitans. Pellagrins had a characteristic expressionless facies, so some signs of parkinsonism were present in most cases. Many features of pellagra closely resemble the nonmotor aspects of PD. The neurological manifestation did not stop there because other degenerative conditions, such as an amyotrophic lateral sclerosis-like picture, were described, with fasciculation of the tongue and upper and lower motor neuron signs. Cerebellar syndromes occurred and vertigo was frequent. Headaches, sensory and pain syndromes, epilepsy, and involuntary movements were noted as well as sleep disturbances. Cord lesions were also seen, as was optic atrophy, so there were multiple sclerosis (MS), like variants." It is me again. You can see the neurological symptom's of Pellagra are severe and wide ranging. Taking Niacinamide 3/day for 6 months can alleviate many of these symptom's if your daughter has subclinical pellagra and the doctor's don't know to look for it. I had deep depression for many, many years and I shudder to think now that only a Vitamin could of helped me 30+ years ago and the doctor's didn't know to look for it. Shoot it isn't just Niacin. All B-Vitamin's help your stress levels. IF you have stress B-Vitamins can help your stress levels. I take Folic Acid for Blood pressure problems and it keeps my BP with in a normal range. A article on discussed this topic in detail a few months ago. I hope it is helpful. Good luck on your continued journey. If you have never heard of Pellagra you are not alone. Dr. Heaney discusses why this is so in his online article Pellagra and the 4 D's. If you don't have time to read the whole hindawi article I also suggest this shorter but informative blog about why a Niacin deficiency can cause dementia related conditions. Then decide for yourself and your daughter's sake to decide whether to take Niacinamide or not to see if it helps the D's symptom's she is experiencing (Digestive, Dementia etc.) The International Journal of Celiac Disease makes note of this in their research that Pellagra could be contributing to symptom's being diagnosed as Celiac disease today instead of a possible (co-morbid) Pellagra that causes the same symptom's. When they discuss how Pellagra and Celiac disease are related (Co-Morbid) in a Celiac diagnosis are surprised to find that in 58% of Celiac's -- can also be diagnosed with Pellagra. See this link Quoting 3. Pellagra and celiac disease "The two diseases can be connected in two aspects. 58% of pellagra patients were shown to have malabsorption and many had intestinal pathology on biopsies [36, 37]. Alternatively, Pellagra was described in celiac disease [38]. The skin manifestations in pellagra might have some additional etiologies, since multiple nutrient deficiencies are at the origin of the cutaneous manifestations in celiac disease. The following nutritional deficiencies inducing skin rashes, were describe in celiac disease: Zinc, Iron, Vitamin A, E, B12, niacin, folate, selenium and essential fatty acids [39, 40]." If one is being diagnosed incorrectly the other co-morbid conditions can continue to cause Celiac like symptom's. But if the majority of those who have been diagnosed as Celiac could be helped by taking Niacinamide I see no you reason you shouldn't try it. Or at least research it some more. Again good luck on your continued journey. 2 Timothy 2: 7 ?Consider what I say; and the Lord give thee understanding in all things? this included. Posterboy by the grace of God,

Read this posted on the site:

Color me confused. I went to Costco yesterday and there were 2 products there that had GLUTEN FREE plastered on the box but then in the ingredients was a: May contain wheat. How is this possible? How can they still put gluten-free on the box? We should be able to trust gluten-free labeling no?? And second question: How many of you would still buy that item? I REALLY wanted to buy the Island Way Sorbet for my daughter as it is her FAVE. But I didn't want to take the risk. Maybe when she is healthier? I mean it is SORBET?! LOL So frustrating!

JMG I have never laughed so hard! This was the best epic comment I've read! Thankyou so much! Your all teaching me so much! Love the 'my glass to go' idea!! I will be adopting this... can't believe the mucky glasses we must be drinking from! Shocking! Im still baffled how so many people don't understand cross contamination i.e. The crumbs on the work surface to cut the lime for your tasty beverage! Your all amazing Thankyou x

Yes! I never really had GI symptoms, but I did have palpitations and restless leg syndrome from anemia. These went away within the first month. But myalgia and joint aches aren't better after 1 year. Waiting to get my antibodies re-tested and see if they're negative.....