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Yummy or Yucky Gluten-Free Foods

I am a finicky eater. I admit it. When I was young, I used to say I didn't like a certain type of food because I just didn't like it. When asked if I had ever tasted it before, I would say no, but even so, I still didn't like the food. (Ok, I still occasionally use this excuse, but I am getting better!) Being diagnosed with Celiac made me expand my food repertoire when dining in and out of the house.

Still, you have to admit, some of the gluten-free products out on the market are just hideous! The deceiving photos on the internet and on the consumer labels make things look oh so scrumptious, but then you stick something in your mouth and it takes all your willpower just to politely spat it back into a napkin.

But wait! Do not be discouraged! It is all about the process my friends. Trial and error. We go through this with everything else in our lives, so why
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not food? Yes, it may cut you down at first, swipe you at the knees. After the fifth loaf of mushy bread or crunchy mac n' cheese, you just want to throw your hands up and say "Enough!" But that would be a waste, because all the foods you have found not to eat lead you on a road to foods that actually taste good!

So, the moral of the story is, continue to explore. Do not judge a book by its cover (or in this case a picture on a box). Rather, ask around, do taste tests, and learn from the experiences. Understand that once you spit something into a napkin, or if the dog won't even touch it, that food probably won't taste good the second or third time you try it. However, when you hear the hallelujah chorus in the background, you know that food item is a keeper. Your taste buds will tell you what is tasty and what is, well, not. Gluten-free, just like any other diet on the planet, has its ups and downs, the yummy and the yucky.

As always, welcomes your comments (see below).

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5 Responses:

said this on
18 Apr 2008 7:25:56 PM PDT
Chebe Bread is truly delicious. I recommend it without reservation. I used to make it from scratch with their dough, but now they sell it frozen and already made into bread sticks and pizza dough. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Catia Moss

said this on
23 Apr 2008 8:12:45 AM PDT
Sweetie Cakes Co. products are amazingly yummy. You can't tell the difference! They are super good the second day. Even more amazing is that they don't have eggs or dairy and some are sugar-free. I can't have eggs or milk. What a lifesaver. Finally I can have cake and cupcakes. WOW!


said this on
23 Jan 2009 4:34:09 PM PDT
Nana's oatmeal raisin cookies are YUMMY! My family is so skeptical of 'healthy' foods that I eat, but I got my mom of all people to taste it and she couldn't tell the difference. They were just hesitant at the description of a 'cookie' with no egg, milk, flour...not technically a cookie right?! LOL! But it sure tastes like one! The other flavors they offer are good but have a horribly strong definitely YUCKY to several of those (Orange, lemon)


said this on
25 Sep 2012 4:05:00 PM PDT
Trader Joe's Snickerdoodles are awesome!!


said this on
05 Jun 2013 2:42:04 AM PDT
Hi there! I am lucky enough to have experienced Udi straight from the source and Barrett is not kidding about anything he is saying. The funny thing is I don't have celiac disease, and I used to eat there at least once a week. My work would order there because it was a skip from Westwood Denver North where I was an admin assistant. So if someone who doesn't have to be gluten-free willingly chooses Udi, then yeah!!! Oh and go to the website and put in your zip code - it will tell you where to shop for the products!

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REALLY odd call out here, I am attending a anime convention called A-Fest in Dallas come August, I need someone to split the room with it who is gluten-free. I take extra precautions, I COOK all the food, bring only CERTIFIED foods into the room, The room will be Gluten Free, Corn Free, Dairy Free, Peanut Free. I am trying to find someone to split the room cost with, that would be safe to be around I CAN NOT AFFORD to get sick at one of these things, it is one of my few joys left in life and get very paranoid around them. So I need someone who is also gluten-free to make sure the room stays safe (YES I have done with with a non celiac with the rules down and well stuff happens so not chancing it). Room split is food coverage comes to $400 if it is just two people. 4 day convention, I will arrange a meal plan around your diet as long as it is free of my allergens. I will also provide various snacks, baked goods, and even stuff to take home with you. ^Convention info.

Hi Jennifer, This thread might have some information that would help you. Your doctors are pretty lame IMHO. Perhaps you can find a celiac group in your area that has local meetings for support. They might also suggest a different doctor who knows how to treat celiac patients.

All the above posts are full of good advice. What I'd like to add is, if you have coeliac disease and continue to eat gluten, you run the risk of other autoimmune diseases in the future as well as osteoporosis, malnutrition and even cancer, so even if you had no symptoms at the beginning, and may also not have any symptoms if you eat gluten (not all coeliacs do), the damage is still being done to your gut and the rest of your body, so please be aware of this.

You could possibly try calling the places in Texas and Chicago to see if they can refer you somewhere that does accept your insurance. Oh good luck to you!

Hi Jennifer and welcome CyclingLady has given you some good advice above. You want certainty and that's entirely understandable. Go back to your doctors and explain that you need to know a little more and hopefully they will engage positively with you. If they don't, then do pursue a second opinion. I just wanted to address your last paragraph quoted above. The problem with celiac, or in my case non celiac gluten sensitivity, is that it presents or doesn't present in so many different ways. It can do hidden damage which may take many years to become apparent. It can impact in ways which are incredibly difficult to recognise or isolate. I am 'lucky' in that the way that gluten impacts on me is far worse than any mental or social isolation brought upon by the diet, so motivation is easy for me, even without the certainty of a celiac diagnosis, there really is no alternative, I don't think I'd last long on a gluten diet now. But I can well understand how difficult it may be to stay honest on the diet if you don't have any symptoms to deal with. The diet can be isolating, there does become a distance between you and 'normal' people. Who would want to deal with all that if they didn't have to? If you aren't satisfied with your doctors responses and choose to go back onto gluten I suggest you find another doctor and go back into the diagnostic process and properly exclude celiac, including a scope. Otherwise you could be taking a big risk with yr long term health. You may find that this process supplies you with an answer as if your diagnosis was correct your response to the reintroduction of gluten may surprise you, or not of course! best of luck!