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Celiac Support

I became a Celiac "Blogger" at the beginning of this year. For months I had longed to take the time to put my words to paper or keyboard and write snippets about my life's journey as a Celiac and in doing so, offer up all kinds of fun food, product, and restaurant tips to others who are searching or just curious.

Being a Celiac has been such a tremendous journey of transformation, observation and consequently learning so much about myself.  I look my diagnosis now as a blessing - a gift, really.  I realize for those of you newly diagnosed Celiacs, a few who have written to me, you are definitely NOT sharing my same sentiments right now.  You time.  There are so many emotions wrapped around the realization that gluten will do serious harm to you, both physically and mentally. Most non-Celiacs are baffled as to how this could be so complex. I am always patient to try and explain that
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suddenly being diagnosed with this auto-immune disease, especially in your adult years, is a tremendously difficult challenge to overcome...but we all do, with grace and humility AND a lot of help from our fellow Celiacs.

My advice to anyone reading this entry is...reach out for help! Do not be afraid to ask, inquire, research, study, learn and once again...ask for help. I'm more than willing to be added to your list of Celiac supporters. It takes strength and courage to live with this disease, but you will be amazed at the wonderfully insightful and caring humans you will encounter on your journey back to health and happiness.

Gluten-free abundance to each and every one of you.

As always, welcomes your comments (see below).

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3 Responses:


said this on
27 Apr 2008 4:41:25 PM PDT
I was just diagnosed this week and although I thought I might have some other ingredient that I might not be able to tolerate, I had not considered labeling it Celiac Disease. Is the Blood Test the only form of diagnosis I should expect or should I be asking for more in depth answers and tests?


said this on
05 May 2008 5:05:14 PM PDT
Well the most certain way to be diagnosed is via small intestine biopsy - then you would know for sure...but I believe that the blood test is fairly accurate anymore. You could easily be intolerant now of lactose, soy, or dairy - that's how I was for quite a few years until my body finally was able to digest without issue. I hope that helps.


said this on
15 Feb 2010 7:58:19 AM PDT
I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2002. All these years I have been ignoring the issue thinking, if my signs/symptoms aren't severe, then what harm could really come to me? Truth is I am frightened and realize that it's time to do the right thing. My biggest obstacle is the mental side of things. I have found no support in this aspect. I don't know how to keep focused and stay gluten free as opposed to saying to hell with it, which is sometimes a lot easier to do.

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