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Strawberry update

I have not yet gotten an answer to the question " Are strawberries grown in wheat straw gluten free. I have asked my local Chapter of the Dept. of Agriculture to
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look into the question. However, I have found that the surface coating of gluten can be removed with Vege Wash that you can buy at your local grocer.

As always, welcomes your comments (see below).

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6 Responses:


said this on
23 Jun 2008 8:38:38 AM PDT
I have celiac disease too! You can have strawberries. I have never used the vegetable wash and just always wash my fruit with water. I have never had a problem with fruit. How are you feeling now since you changed your diet. You can have a lot of anxiety, with celiac.


said this on
24 Jun 2008 12:36:31 PM PDT
I had a similar question about mushrooms that were grown in a rye medium; if they would be gluten-free or not. I e-mailed several professors at UT Austin and they all responded with a longer version of I don't know.
I did some research on my own and discovered that the mushrooms actually grow on top of the rye and do not root at all, so they are considered gluten free with a risk of cross-contamination.
As for plants that actually grow through the soil and absorb from the soil they might get some gluten in there, but as long as the plant itself does not contain gluten the amount should be too minute to tell.
However, everyone's tolerance level is different and if you have a reaction to something, that's a good reason to not eat it anymore.


said this on
26 Jun 2008 6:25:34 PM PDT
How do you adapt a Gluten Free diet into a Weight Watchers plan? Other than eating lots of fruits and vegetables and drinking lots of water, which I know to do. Weight Watchers uses calories, fat grams and fiber for calculation. Some of the gluten free products I get from a gluten-free bakery don't have these things listed. Any suggestions? Thank you.


said this on
07 Jul 2008 12:35:05 PM PDT
Hello, I was just diagnosed last week with Celiac...and I feel overwhelmed with my grocery list....I wonder if it OK to eat beef, and poultry that the animals were 'grain' fed?

Nancy Everett

said this on
18 Jul 2008 3:07:25 PM PDT
You have got to be kidding me. I am recently diagnosed and my sweetheart is Italian as are most of our friends. This has been a real problem for me and now your talking about strawberries, mushrooms and meat products that were grain fed. Can this get any worse?


said this on
20 Jul 2008 8:01:18 AM PDT
I was wondering too if animals fed on feeds with gluten are ok or not to eat. So far I have been told lots of different answers. I am unsure about Strawberries now - are they safe to eat or not. There really needs to be a place with safe information for Celiacs to get info about this stuff, and the stores own label don't have to have allergy advice about this which is wrong! I can't even buy a packet of peanuts from my local store because I've been told they are packed in a factory with gluten/wheat! We need clearer allergy advice about this.

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Hi Whitepaw Your question about what was I eating before I fell ill is a good one. I had given a party the previous month and there was a lot of cake left over and what is more, it was all gluten free because I had made it! So I was eating maybe a couple of slices a day... I was taking so...

Well thanks everyone seriously. I'm sure this will get better and I'm thankful this reaction is normal. So guilty when I think of others worse off than me. I will read and read and read until I've taught myself to feel better. And then help others ((((hugs all around)))

I'm curious to hear updates on your EC condition. Thanks

@Larkie how are you lips doing now? Have you found something that worked for you yet? I'm curious and eager for updates from anyone who overcame this condition. Thanks

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